Sunday, June 26, 2016


OVER THE FENCEToday is the day, i would be going for my first Over the fence mission, Dave and Ebuka had been sure i would be earning more than 50k if i played my gamewell.Its been a week since Ebuka came back with a new Samsung galaxy
phone. Of course it was illegal for astudent to have a phone in the school but that wasn’t my problem. i too will like to have my own phone and not to mention the cash involved, imagine what i could do with that.It would be good rolling with the big boys and having new trendy clothes not the almost washed out plain trousers i came with.Ebuka and Dave hadn’t told me categorically what ‘over the fence’ entails but as long as it was as pleasurable and easy as they have said it was and not to talk of cashful and doesn’t involve robbing a bank then am all for it.Class was dull all through, even Biology teacher couldn’t steer my mind off the thought of having a lot of cash to count after tonight, The geography teacher’s busty boobs didn’t do the trick.Or the strick baritone croaky bark of the Maths teacher- whose attitude towards me had always being very hostile since he first caught me whispering with Dave in his class and wouldn’t waste anytime to met out some punishments on me at the slightest provocation – even his strong roar couldn’t move me or take my mind off my prize.Princess gave a slight wave at me after classes, her lips forming a mild smile. Ignoring the wave i made for my dormitory for lunch and possibly get ready for the night.“sky i hope you are ready?” Ebuka whispered to me on the refectory during dinner, could see his hair neatly carved and i was sure he had been to the barber for the second time in one week.I nodded at him feeling a bit nervous and reluctant to carry on with the plan.A cool still version of papa’s voice ringing in my mind all over “sky stay away from bad company”The night was starry and the moonlight was bright, no clouds where visible and no trees moved, the air was still and a gloomy doom hung in the air.“Sky, we are moving out in 10minutes” Dave said from his corner, he was clad in a black jean trouser and black snickers and a black T-shirt, Ebuka came over too clad in the same all black outfit.I sheepishly wore the only jean in my luggage, a black T-shirt Dave gave me and my school shoes, the digital clock showed 11:30pm and the night-outbell for fridays already sounded since 11pm for the seniors and 10pm for juniors.We walked pass the rows of beds in the hall, the guys giving us some whispering goodbyes and demands.“abeg no forget to bring beer o” Emmanuel said as we walked pass his corner where he was playing Whot with Desmond.“seems everyone here goes over the fence?” i askedDave, who laughed at my naivete.“No but many of them do and the ones who don’t won’t say anything, like i told you what ever happens in Hall B stays in Hall B”The hall door creaked open with a groan, the passage way to all the halls were extremely quiet and deserted. We slowly walked through the passage making sure nobody made a noise with hisfeet. The refectory lay like one lonely parlour, the huge dinning in a stale stillness and piercing silence haunted my heart.“Go back, go back it’s the hall supervisor” Ebuka whispered with urgency to the hearing of Dave and iwho turned round immediately to head back towards the passage.“wait, there is a footstep coming from the passage” i said in dismay, frenzy and frightened to the marrow.“Jesus, am dead” my heart lamented, i had a bad feeling about this why didn’t i back down. Now the hall supervisors are heading to the refectory from both sides.“Follow me” Dave called out yanking me through myshirt and we headed directly into the refectory and slipped under the gigantic table, Ebuka’s legs slightly moving a dinning chair which let out a screeching groan.We went as dead as real dead bodies under the table, my breathing was heavy and i tried hard enough to make sure it didn’t make any noise.The first footstep became clearer and clearer stopping just beside the dinning table. A pair of black boots worn by the hall supervisors, i held my breathe as i watched his boots pace two steps forward and backward.In a jiffy another pair of shoes appeared from the direction of the passage way, it was walking briskly and the hard thumping sounds it made with the hard tiles seemed to thunder louder inside my ears. Dave’s whole body was numb and his eyes were glued to the two pairs of shoes pacing around the refectory but he seemed more composed than i who was already shaking with heavy fear.“Sheey you heard something now” A first voice with a squeaky baritone shade addressed the other.That must be BullDog, a stern looking man who wasin charge of supervising the Halls in the left wing of the Dormitory from hall E to H. He was nicknamed bulldog after he had boasted he was more ferociousthan a bulldog when dealing with stray Students.“hear something?, noo wetin you hear” a second voice came this time in a throaty tilt like he had cough blocking his throat.“Yeah i heard something like a shifted furniture around here” said bulldog his legs still pacing around.“okeeeeey maybe na the time weh i shift that chair weh deh that passage” Came the second voice nowmore casual than the first time.“Are you sure, you know say this students no deh sleep for night abi no be make we search here small” Bulldog came again still maintaining his intimidating voice.I could feel myself almost wetting my pants, i couldn’t breathe, my hands were dry but sweat ran down my face.“what if we are caught, i will enter the school’s Black book within weeks of my admission”“Leave that thing, no need need searching na me shift the chair” the second voice replied.“Come make we go drink the orijin i buy this afternoon” he came again making towards the door.Bulldog’s boot lingered on for seconds then in hard long strides he walked off towards the door and shut the door.“Bulldog na b-----d” ebuka laughed out as we all crept out from under the dinning table, stretched our creased shirts and trousers, my breathing was still heavy, body still shaking and sweats still tickling down my face but i tried to maintain a steady posture and appear tough since Dave and Ebuka already were making a joke out of it.We slipped out of the dormitory through the kitchendoor which somehow Ebuka had a key that opened the door easily. I looked at him suspiciously as he slipped an obviously locally smithed key back into his pocket.The moonlight bathed around the still night, the silvery rays gave us a shadowy look in our black outfits.Running through the flower gardens at squatting levels hiding at any slightest noise. We came to the east wing of the school, the gigantic fence toweringhigh at nearly 10ft.I looked questioningly at Ebuka and Dave, seem they read my mind and they started clearing the grass at the base of the fence.Looks like the grasses were placed there intentionally and was used to cover a rusted metal board which was covering the lower part of the fence, Ebuka yanked off the metal board to reveal a large hole in the wall, it was jaggadly circular and was large enough for a full grown man to crawl through.We slid out of the hole and Dave covered it with another wooden lid from the other side.Ebuka took out his phone and dailed a number.“Mummy, am on my way now” He sang on first word.“aaaah yes i also brought with me the guy Madam diamond asked for, he is extremely cute tell her we will be there in a few minutes time” The line went dead and Ebuka smiled at Dave who was licking his lips. I think am catching the joke now but still need to see how this night will play out.We walked to the bus stop beside the school gate still looking out for the school security guards, we hitched a taxi for #5000 and ebuka paid without breaking an eyelid.The taxi dropped us at a magnificent gate somewhere i don’t recall ever being to before but it was surely a very rich vicinity. Ebuka and Dave exchanged pleasantries with the gateman who seemed to know them so well, they introduced me and he greeted me with even an ‘oga’ on top of it.The building was a double storied edifice with sparkling foreign lighting system making the whole house shimmer in a shade of white lights, gold and red. Ebuka led the way as we walked deeper inside many thoughts running through my mind in river speed succession.“You sure say these guys never wan sell me for rituals?”Faint bass thumping music sipped out from inside the building, it kept getting louder and clearer as wegot nearer. Dave pushing the door open in a jiffy and a partying scenario was revealed.A glowy red light bathed the room in a dim shade, Figures of women perching at different angles of the scene, young boys clutching bottles of alcohol, bikini clad girls dancing at the center of the floor, their body twisting plainly to the music.“Sky play your game well, if you give it to this woman well you won’t regret ever coming here” Ebuka whispered into my ears as an averagely thick woman approached us with a relatively thick grin onher face.“Baby you are finally here” she intoned throwing herhands around Ebuka’s neck and a loud kiss.“Dave how are you, she’s over there” the woman addressed Dave who nodded and headed towards the direction still wearing that naughty smirk.‘Is this the one? ” She asked Ebuka running her eyes all over me.“Yes” Ebuka said smiling at me. “Sky meet my pie, Lola”“Good evening ma” i said sheepishly trying to appear bold.“Please just call me Miss Lola. Hhmmm such a handsome one, how are you” she asked me, her eyes still running all over my body with keen emphasis on my crotch region.“Am fine ma”“Welcome young man, am sure you will enjoy yourself well” she patted my hair fluidly.“Baby take him to Diamond, she has being dying to meet him since you called, then come over and meet me inside” She walked away in graceful strides.“Sky see, if you bang that Mrs Diamond well, your life will change for good” Ebuka whispered to me.“Ebuka but…… ”“Guy chill, enjoy yourself and make your money. By the way throw this into your mouth before you start anything” He said slipping a tiny white pill into my hand.I followed him into a passage then we turned into another passage to the left, climbed the stairs to the first floor and another left turn. A woman stood beside the door of one of the rooms beaming down on us naughtily.“Ebus, is that him? ” she asked.“Yes na, trust me wella naa i don’t mingle with ugly dudes” ebuka winked at her edging me on.“Hhmmmm, welcome dear lets go in” She said opening the door wider to let me in then closed it shut behind her....continues
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