Saturday, June 25, 2016


DEAF FLYMy vision was blur, a bright white light registered into my semi-open eyes. The ceiling sparkled brightly, the bed was soft and i can’t feel Ugo’s body tangled into mine, i was alone and it’s not a mat.The bright white wall complimenting the lights seemed to smile down at me, rubbing my eyes hard i opened them wider, rows of beds on either side but nobody lay on them. This definitely was not home, it seems so strange and new not to mention; looked rich.“Guy na so you deh sleep?”I looked up and saw Dave clad in his school
uniformknotting a black tie, his back pack on his bed and a hand mirror lay beside it.“Even the school alarm couldn’t wake you up” He said laughing.“Aaaah ewooo!!!” I blurted seeing the large electronic digital clock reading 06:01. “Dave you didnot even wake me up” I said jolting out of bed.“Wake you up as your mum or what, even the alarm clock no fit wake you up, na me go fit?” He said still struggling with his tie. i wonder why such ajebota (rich) boy should be vomiting pidgin English all the time.The bathroom was yet another new one for me. a long row of bathrooms with glass clear doors, running showers, each cubicle barely enough to hold 4 persons but the notice on the door clearly read “ONE PERSON PER TIME IN ONE BATHROOM”The breakfast of chocolate drink and bread was still very different from the coloured water i use to have at home, one sachet of cowbell chocolate and milk will only colour the water and nothing more, you willhave to make it up with more sugars. But this was many scoops of chocolate and equal milk to make areal chocolate drink not a chocolate coloured water.“Sky, check out that Aunty’s backyard” Dave whispered to me nodding towards the board.Dave had taken me to the Grade 11B class being in the class himself, it was a fortunate turn of things that i fell into the same class as him.He was an expert in giving me a full biography of every girl in the class, how they behaved, the easy ones and hard to get ones, the churchious ones, the naughty ones and the ones he called the ‘Mary league category’ “those ones na go area, na so chaplet and block rosary them go make you begin pray” He said amidst laughter.His seat was just beside mine, we sat in the secondto the last row in class.“You see this one?” He said pointing in front of him.I broadened my eyes and look intently at him.“eehn this one seating in front of me with a pink sweater over her uniform” He went on still on the ritual of giving me full descriptions of the class girls..“Yes what about her?” I asked naively.“She is an ambassador’s daughter, no near am unless prison deh hungry you” He whispered directly to me.“Yeye boy” I laughed out taking another eyeing look at the girl who was just seating in front of Dave minding her own business.“Dave na aunty waist you deh look?” I whispered back in disbelief my eyes still smeared all over the figure that was writing with a black marker on the white board.She was clad in a white tight T-shirt with long sleeves, a female suit trouser that was very huggy around the waist.Every contour of her bumz was clear and sharp.“Guy you never see anything, the teachers here are h---y goddesses, wait till you see the Biology teacher, na mamiwater that one be” He continued….“The day she taught us Reproduction i nearly faint imagining things i could do with her. They say the white man that owns the school insists on fine young teachers fresh out of the university for more effective learning for the students.” He smirked naughtily licking his lips.“Hhmmm the white man is a wise man” I said starting to appreciate the wonder back that jiggled anytime the English teacher made a sudden movement.“Don’t worry sky you will fit in here well, i will teach you wetin deh” Dave said still wearing that naughty smirk.“Hi, don’t listen to this guy” It was the girl Dave called the ambassador’s daughter, She wore a pink lip gloss complimenting the pink sweater. Her face was calm and radiant betraying a lot of beauty bolted in the young body.Wait, she was the girl Vincent showed me yesterday. Yeah her hair style and even the tiny white band that held the plaited hair together in onepony tail.“Uuhm… Yeah…” I gulped hard trying to maintain a steady wit while talking to her.“This guy here should not be taken serious, don’t take his words for anything” She smiled out, winking at Dave who looked paler than i may appearbut trying to force out a steady face.“Two of you should face the board and copy the note or i will report you both” She said sounding a little serious.“And welcome to you…….Uuuuuhm”“sky” i said.“Yes sky, welcome” She turned and faced the board again.Dave gave her a middle finger when her face was turned towards the board, gave a sharp wink to me and i chuckled hard.The lessons were still more different from what i was used to. The teachers were professional like bankers in their dealings with the students not the usual teacher and student relationship where they will teach you 1+1=2 and then ask you 12.4×5000 and expect you to get it right and each mistake earns you one slap.The sun was pale, a misty fog was all over the placemaking the sun look more like a pale yellow disc in the sky.I Stepped out of the class with dave, feeling a warm gush of hot air on me. the air conditioners in the class made the air outside seem hot to me.“Sky”I and Dave turned round sharply at the voice, we were heading to the dormitory to change our clothes and head for lunch.“Sky, why is this girl on you like this” Dave muttered to my hearing giving me a nudge with his elbow as we watched the girl on pink sweater coming towards us, walking slowly as if it wasn’t two hungry guys she kept stalled a few yards away waiting for her.Her front view was outstanding, a medium sized boobs, a stomach that is nearly flat, her legs were flawless.“Hi, how far” Dave said to her as she approached us.“Am fine” she said.“Ok na, sky make i begin deh go lunch now, i deh H bad” Dave winked at me and headed out to the dormitory.‘This guy don abandon me here with this girl’ I tried to conceal my unstable wits to avoid being busted.“Hi sky, am princess” she said dragging my eyes back to her from looking at Dave’s figure going farther away to the dormitory.“Hi princess” I smiled at her.“I heard you are here on scholarship” She said wearing a rather unsure look.“Yes” I said feeling high like a sky scraper, My head swelling up like am on top of the world. This exactly was something to be proud of, making it into the McGonals out of thousands in the state that sat for the scholarly exam.“Well don’t feel too good about that” She blurted out, the unsure look turning serious.“What is she saying” My mind shouted as i mopped at her in disbelief.“Eeeeehn!!” Was the only sound that escaped my mouth.“Yes you heard me well, you shouldn’t be so proud about that because with the way i see you, you don’t want to maintain that scholarship” Her voice was blunt filtering into my ears.“How do you mean ‘i don’t want to maintain my scholarship” i asked, still in doubt if exactly this waswhat she meant to be saying to me.“Yes, from the things i see you pick interest in now, idoubt if you can maintain your scholarship, Use your tongue and count your teeth. Good day!” She turned and left.I stood transfixed at the spot watching her go farther and farther until she crossed the gauze fence gate into the girl’s wing.“Hiaaaan, wetin person no go see for this world kwa” I muttered.“Anyway shaa na for her pocket”………..continues
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