Thursday, June 30, 2016


“Hiaaan wonders no go end ooo” BullDog croaked dragging me by the hand as he strode strongly through the premise leading me to the disciplinary room.“Even you weh quiet like water deh even fight?” i wasn’t sure but that sounded like question to m.“No sir, he just pushed me to my limits, always putting his nose into my business and insulting me at the
same time” I said without looking at the ferocious figure i was talking to, still felt his hands yanking on mine as he dragged me along.“Hhmmm Children of nawadays sef.. I bin deh notice say that boy deh do bizi body and i too know anyhow deh waka about, na only am sabi book fes?”He said a bit more lost-like this time.I kept mute, could still feel the tearing pain on my face from the blinding slap he tore on my face.“But shaa you ma no try, you wan use punch comot im mouth, i no sabi say you deh vex like this o. You weh quiet reach” He said this time minimizing his hard grip on me.“Am sorry sir, i won’t fight again” I sang out though wishing i had removed some of victor’s teeth at least going to this disciplinary room would be worthit.“No sorry me boy na the teacher you go sorry when im come Obey-room” He retorted in his usual croaky bass.The disciplinary room was quite old, dusty and chilly, An old dead air conditioner hung loosely on the wall, a white board with the word “Disciplinary word” spelled out boldly on it and other small wordsthat could pass as jibberish.Only a lone table long enough for a full grown man to lie on stood at the far right of the room, a single no armed chair on top of it and a bucket and mop.Felt a dry chill and dusty smell on me as Bulldog ledme inside, his huge self and a much larger ego he carries around filled the room like a fitted statue.“Oya wait here teacher go soon join you” He said moving two steps backwards to stay near the door while i stand in the middle of the room with sharp spark eyes confused over what am supposed to be doing here at the moment.A little look at myself and my eyes took in what remained of my clothes.The new white real-madrid jersey was torn almost clean through the middle, dirty hand prints everywhere buttered into bloody stains all over it.There is no two ways about it, i will have to throw away this shirt.I felt a sharp pain on my neck winced a bit and slowly ran my fingers on my neck awaking the already excruciating pain more.Saw some straight marked blood stains on my fingers, turns out Victor really gave my neck some tribal marks with his nails.The new black track trousers was almost ruined with dust and dirt, the Adidas slippers i had on was torn on the side.“If i get that guy again, he won’t survive it” I cursed under my breathe taking up the slippers to check.faint shouts from outside caught my attention, still holding the slippers in my hands i fixed my gaze at the door trying to figure out what the voice was saying.The door banged open with a banging sound and the math teacher rushed in, the Physics teacher was trailing behind him.“You this stubborn goat, how dare you disrupt the school’s football game?” He barked at mebefore i could say “i” a hard staggering slap has landed across my face.“You even had the guts to be standing while you should be kneeling!!!”Another thundering slap.“But sir………..”“Shut up!!!” he cut me shot lending a third slap across my face, BullDog winced a bit but still stood across the door carrying out his duties.“Now kneel down there and pray nothing happens to the student you man handled”“Sir we were fighting” I blurted out in my defence.“Are you deaf, i said shut up” And that earned me a fourth slap.I wouldn’t need a fortune teller to tell me i was supposed to be shutting up and now.I knelt down as commanded, told me to lift two of my hands up straight which i did still wearing that hardened face.I wasn’t going to give this teacher the impression that he really got me broken deep down.The physics teacher went outside and came back with a cement block and placed them on my erect hands.“Don’t you even think of letting that block fall off your hands or you get more than your bargained for this evening” That barky squeaky voice threatened.The block was heavy and my arms were shaky, struggled to keep my arms straight but each struggle made the pain more unbearable for me.There was a knock on the door and the second security guard walked in with Victor who was more or less like a comic book character.His lower lip were swollen and a red cut on it, the side of his face much swollen across the whole length and he had a little white bandage across his left hand.His face lit up immediately he saw me kneeling down with a block on my hands, those smirk returned to his face and i mumbled some threats to him with my lips only.“Oga this one loose one teeth oo” The second security guard threw at the math teacher pointing atVictor.“What?” He asked jolting up“Eeeehn one of im front teeth comot na” The guard threw back maintaining a casual tone.“Show me, open up” The math teacher said to Victor who reluctantly opened up while this time was glaring at me instead of smirking.I could feel an outburst forming in my stomach, nothing gave me more joy than to see just how ridiculous he looked with his mouth open and a fresh shouty gap in between.The block didn’t even feel heavy anymore, the stinging pains on my face from the slaps disappeared in an instant.Suddenly i felt all the punishments and slaps i have gotten so far plus the one i am yet to receive is very much worth it.“Young man, you are in a whole lot of trouble” the piercing eyes of the math teacher came back to me.“This was the student that was supposed to me representing the entire McGonal’s grade 11 in the upcoming state competition, something you can only dream of.” That sounded more like water crashing on stone the only thing my mind was glued on was the flashing and wonderfully hilarious image of Victor’s teeth flash and i struggled to hold back the overwhelming laugh that haunted me.A cracking sound and a whooshing cane landed on my back in a stinging crack.“Jesus!!!” I shouted trying to keep the already shakyblock balanced in my almost numb hands as reality dawned back on me and my condition registered back.“Today i will cure you this your madness”Another cracking sting on my back as a second blow from the cane landed.This time Victor smiled instead of just smirking, i bet he is enjoying the show.There was a soft knock on the door and BullDog stepped aside to avoid being hit by another angry door bang but this time the door opened slowly anda female figure slipped into the room.The biology teacher.Her hair was packed behind in one pony tail, a smallwhite shirt that had open top buttons and a little of her ever peeking cleavages were peeking out.A strong whiff of feminine cologne filled the room asshe walked in gently beaming down surprised look at me who was still knelt on the floor with shaky hands almost ready to give in any moment.“What is going on here?” She asked directly to no one cus he eyes were still fixed on me.“This young man fought and nearly ruffed up a fellow student” The math teacher said pointing at me.“Alright but why is he the only one kneeling down, wasn’t it a fight between two students?” She asked now looking at him.“Take a look at the other party, this stubborn goat nearly killed him” He retorted raising his voice a bit.“It doesn’t matter, last i checked its still called two fighting” she said remarkably still calm.“and sky put down that block for crying out loud” She threw at me.I didn’t need to wait even a second before pushing out the block a bit further and it shattered right there on the floor pouring out cement debris everywhere.My hands were dead numb, could barely feel them and my shoulders ached like hell, Victor’s mouth went into an angry pout glaring at the Biology teacher whose air of authority surprised even me.“Segun how could you take such disciplinary actions without my knowledge of it?” she threw at the math teacher using his real name.“So offenders should wait until you consent for them to be punished?” He asked back betraying a lot of anger and disappointment.“Yes, i am the school’s disciplinary teacher. I decidewhat ever punishment is meted on any student thatis charged to this disciplinary room” She threw backwith much more authority and confidence.“And i say that this one sided disciplinary action has gone far enough, this fight case is dismissed. Victor you can go back to the hospital wing for proper treatment and you Sky follow me” she commanded walking out of the room as slowly as she came in.I got up amidst the angry look on the face of the Math teach, an indifferent look on the physics teacher’s and somehow i found Victor’s to be quite funny owing to the fact his mouth was slightly openand eyes bulged in an unbelieving manner and most of all the missing teeth gap was visible.The disappointment written on their faces as they followed me with their gaze walking majestically outof the door not sending anybody at the moment was something to gloat over.I followed her out of the old staff building where the Disciplinary room was located, she walked ahead ofme her tight black suit skirt hugging her bumz as usual and almost giving me a hard-on if not for the pains that stung me all over.she led me towards the New staff office building and towards the first floor we entered a little office with pink painted walls and similar coloured curtains with teddy beer designs.A light desk stood in front of a chair beside the window with a Laptop sitting amidst dozens of books there.She drew out one chair from the front side of the table.“Seat down sky, this is my office” she said disappearing into a door behind into what i am sure was a bathroom, came out with a bowel of water and a neat small white towel.“Thank you ma” I said dropping my face towards the floor.“Sky you need not thank me, i only did my job and you already have been punished enough for one crime” She said drawing out another chair beside mine, dipped the towel into the water and wiped off my bloody neck.“But you shouldn’t fight again next time sky, such offenses are not taken lightly here in McGonal’s” she said though i was more focused on savoring the tingling feel of her fingers on my neck even though with a towel.“Sky did you hear me?”“Yes, yes i don’t fight but Victor pushed me to the wall i had no choice” I blurted out dryly.“I know Victor can be annoying most times and i too hate such stupidity but please promise me you will not fight again” she insisted.“Alright ma, i promise. Thank you”She covered the straight nail cuts with a white gauze bandage, gave me some panadol for my swollen face and a fruit juice from a miniature fridgebeside her desk.On my way back to the dormitory was suddenly metwith the math teacher who looked redder and angrier than i had bargained for but seriously who cares.“Come here!!!” he blurted out yanking me hard by the hand that i almost whimpered in pain from my already hard numb arms.“You think you walked free this time, well i am sure you will soon fall into another offence that nobody would be there to save you” He said pointing a stern shaky angry finger on my face before turning and walked to the staff office building.Shrugged and winced at the sharp pains i had on my body, this evening has been one of the most eventful one since i came to McGonal’s.The twilight was almost setting in and all i needed now was to rush through dinner and sleep this one out, i am almost happy we are going home for Mid-term break......continues
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