Monday, June 27, 2016


The bell rang feverishly tearing through the air and my heart skipped a beat pounding furiously on my chest threatening to rip it open.“Now class the session is over so going by the principal’s instructions everyone should get ready and start matching to the general hall” the maths teacher barked in his usual croaky tone peering at the faces of the students who rather looked surprised.“One of you have being bursted in the wrong act and hopefully this will be their last day in this school as students” he smirked casting a rather cold look
towards me.“Jesus i am finished today” my heart cried subconsciously taking my hands up to my head, fretting reddened eyes. Could see princess casting suspicious looks at me every now and then, it certainly doesn’t even bother me after all the whole school is about to know, papa will get to know and mama what will she say.I had more dire worries that burdened me than just a pretty girl here, Dave was slowly packing his books into his back pack still sweating like a rat that fell into a bucket of water. The maths teacher still held the FBI look glaring and smirking as if he knows for sure who the culprits were.The general hall was buzzing with students murmuring and hissing most of them ignorant of the reason why everyone were called to the hall andfrankly all wished to be in the refectory having lunchnow.In a little more than 30minutes the hall went strangely and suddenly quiet, soft footsteps were heard towards the podium. The vice principal- a short man with a pig snout look, bald like a vulture and pot bellied- walked in trailed by 3 black clad men easily recognized to be police men.The man wore a very angry face and so did the police men though that is a normal trade mark for Nigerian police men.“Good day students!!!” He sang out sounding clownish in his almost shrieky feminine voice whichalways seemed funny to me but today it wasn’t at all.“Good day sir” everyone sang back in an almost impatient manner.Dave drew near me as the vice principal’s voice filled the hall again. “Sky don’t worry they might justsuspend us and not expulsion” He said is a shaky voice still all sweaty.He was visibly more scared than i am but still was trying to console me none the less, Ebuka sat next to Dave seeming more composed than the both of us but had his eyes fixed on the short stout figure addressing the students from the podium.“Where ever we find evil and bad qualities in this school, it must be quickly expunged so as not to destroy the good qualities we have worked so hard to maintain” He took one step down from the Podium going nearer towards the students who all held him in their eyes.“Last night, our security personnel’s caught three students sneaking back to the school as early as 4am from God’s knows where and unfortunately for them they have been identified and will be called out here right now before you to set examples for the rest of you on the consequences of bad deeds”The whole hall went into another quick bout of murmur a bit loud this time, questioning looks thrown at each other and “i don’t know” hand gestures here and there, the whole hall was bleak.Bulldog stood next to the police men, his hands spread wide like a WWE star wearing a slight grin with his head held up high.“This is it” i breathed out to Dave who held my handtight. The air was bleak and slow, i couldn’t breathe,i couldn’t think everyone seemed to react in slow motion.“If you hear your name step out here right now” the Vice-principal barked.I held my breathe and shut my eyes with silent prayers pouring out of my heart smeared with a lot of promises to God if he got me out of my predicament in one piece.“Harrison Ibaka!!!”There was a loud shout of “eeeeeeh!!!” “aaaaaaah” “choi!!!” “jesus!!!” “Oh my god!!” resounding all over the hall as students caste searching looks around.Dave nudged my hard on the side and i opened my eyes. “Who is Harrison and he didn’t go over fence with us” my mind asked looking around as a tall, faircomplexion guy with a pastor Chris hair style stood up and moved towards the podium.“Tunde Ola and Ngozi Ibe” the Vice principal called out again getting a similar feedback of awe struck shouts.I looked at Dave he was all smiles but still had sweats all over, Ebuka winked at me bearing a smiletoo, i forced out a sharp grin though my limbs were visibly shaking and my heart beat were irregular in pattern.“Chai Dave that could have been us!” I blurted out tothe over joyous dave who was busy jumping like a new born lizard.“Seriously sky we were three lucky bad boys” Ebukachipped in growing more colourful but still maintained his cool.“I can’t really believe those three has been expelled from this school just like that, the administration guys are just too wicked” I threw at Ebuka since Dave would rather enjoy the euphoria of his happiness and pay less mind to what the two imbeciles beside him were saying.“They are not wicked sky it is just the school rule. we would have been on our way home now if we were the ones caught but they were not as smart asus” The ever in charge boss replied with all boldness his words piecing my heart like a sword “we would have been on our way home” gave me chilly goose bumps to imagine.“Sky someone is calling you” Ebuka said rather dreamily nodding behind us.I turned and princess was walking briskly towards us singing my name continuously and victor walking just behind her clutching her pink sweater.“what is it again with this girl” i muttered to the hearing of Ebuka who simply smiled and chipped in a sassy remark “That little b-----d following her around is really annoying, abeg sky see you in the refectory” With that he was chasing after Dave towards our dormitory“Princess how far na” i addressed her trying to maintain a cool look despite Victor standing just a few meters away from us casting a very stupid smirk towards me.“Sky i am not here for formality, i am simply here to warn you”She retorted.“Warn me, over what?” i asked looking quite surprised.“Please cut the garbage, i noticed your behaviour at the general hall and someone reliable has relayed to me that you have joined the dumb idiots of house-B in their immoral over the fence escapades”Her face was tight, her pink lip gloss were almost faded and the sun made her face appear a bit darkerto me as she rang on.“What are you talking about Princess” i mopped out like a programmed robot looking towards Victor who was now wearing a very mischievous grin still looking towards us catching my eyes..“Just hold it there sky, i am well aware you went over the fence the same night as the ones who were expelled today, let me sing this into your head.If you do not retrace your steps and focus on what you came to this school for, your greed and stupendous idiocy in making stupid choices will be your end. i assure you, just like today you will be next!”I could swear Victor heard those rantings, it was a bit loud and those foolish grin just widened.“Sky…….”“Shut up princess, just shut up!!!” I cut her short.“Who do you think you are, eeeeehn? who dah hell are you to be pouring such nonsense at me as if you are my mother”I didn’t care if Victor was hearing me now or not after all those evil grin of his helped tipped my adrenaline over.Princess’ face went blank, surprise and another unfamiliar feel smeared all over it and her eyes glued on me, her lips tried to move but could not.“See next time you listen to cheap gossips keep it to yourself because if you bring this kind of idiotic accusations and bossy attitude to me again, i swearyou won’t like me. Good day”I blew out, turned and headed towards the dormitory l leaving her standing there like an unfinished statue.Cursing and swearing at myself as i angrily stormedtowards the hostel.....continues
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