Thursday, June 30, 2016


“Hiaaan wonders no go end ooo” BullDog croaked dragging me by the hand as he strode strongly through the premise leading me to the disciplinary room.“Even you weh quiet like water deh even fight?” i wasn’t sure but that sounded like question to m.“No sir, he just pushed me to my limits, always putting his nose into my business and insulting me at the


Going back to school felt like a cold drink to me, through out the taxi ride my mind kept ruminating over the fact that i am one of the biggest boys in hall B right now, in fact in terms of having a good phone i was on top of the chat.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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“Stop there right now if you move i blow your brains out!!!” A commanding thundering roar barked at us at the same time the clicking cluck sound of a

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


“I love you sky” Some silky slim voice found its way into my ears sending some blushing wave down myspine.The air was cold and i could hear slight humming ofthe air conditioner echoing in the large hall, the large hall was scanty as today was another champions league game.I could feel her hands on my shoulders and the warmth of her breathe smearing on


“Guy come here!” The ever commanding Ebuka called out from this bunk which were almost 7 bedsaway gesturing the call with his hand.I was seating on my bed sorting out what to wear for the night’s escapade over the fence having quitea decent ward rope now,

Monday, June 27, 2016


“I swear to God, one day i will smack the grin off that idiot called victor” I raged out to Ebuka and Dave who wore rather amused looks.“I am sure he was the one who went to Princess fedher those nonsense she came yapping about” my fist was clenched into a blow and my


The bell rang feverishly tearing through the air and my heart skipped a beat pounding furiously on my chest threatening to rip it open.“Now class the session is over so going by the principal’s instructions everyone should get ready and start matching to the general hall” the maths teacher barked in his usual croaky tone peering at the faces of the students who rather looked surprised.“One of you have being bursted in the wrong act and hopefully this will be their last day in this school as students” he smirked casting a rather cold look


The orange-gold lights from the towering street lights flickered into the taxi as our taxi tore the road sending an endless stream of tall standing street lights behind us.The shadows casted by the light smeared through my face sweeping past us at the same

Sunday, June 26, 2016


EPISODE 6The room was brightly lit in glowy wisps of golden lights beaming from 4 fancy bulbs at the 4 walls of the room.A gigantic bed with bright white sheet spread over itslimly. The room was large enough to accommodate a miniature living room and the king sized bed with a massive glass door ward rope.She motioned me towards the mini sitting room andheaded towards the bed herself.I rested my eyes all over her as she moved towards the


OVER THE FENCEToday is the day, i would be going for my first Over the fence mission, Dave and Ebuka had been sure i would be earning more than 50k if i played my gamewell.Its been a week since Ebuka came back with a new Samsung galaxy

Saturday, June 25, 2016


PALE MINDSIt has been 2weeks since my arrival to the school, i have been a little accustomed to the life at the school at least i wake up with the alarm now after having to stay 2 extra hours after classes mopping the floors of the class cus i was late.The teacher wouldn’t take “i overslept” as an excuse, in fact it seemed that excuse made matters worse and he gave me 2hours instead of 1 hour likeDave said was the usual duration.Nothing much interesting had happened through out this couple of weeks except that i finally met theBiology teacher, Miss Anita. many times of course during her sessions on biology.She was obviously fresh out of the university, rocks a foreign accent, flawless face and body,


DEAF FLYMy vision was blur, a bright white light registered into my semi-open eyes. The ceiling sparkled brightly, the bed was soft and i can’t feel Ugo’s body tangled into mine, i was alone and it’s not a mat.The bright white wall complimenting the lights seemed to smile down at me, rubbing my eyes hard i opened them wider, rows of beds on either side but nobody lay on them. This definitely was not home, it seems so strange and new not to mention; looked rich.“Guy na so you deh sleep?”I looked up and saw Dave clad in his school

Friday, June 24, 2016


A WHOLE NEW WORLDJohny, nna ngwa wake up” Mama’s voice woke me up from a very far trip beyond. I rubbed my eyes hard still feeling heavily sleepy feeling as if my eyes were filled up with sand.Mama had forced me to go to bed the night before so i would wake up early because i would be taken to school the next day.I laid awake most part of the night imagining what life would be at McGonals, if i would match up the academic brilliance of the rich students there, schemes on how to make sure i successfully avoided Vincent and


FLYING HOPES“Sky your daddy is back” Vincent announced blankly to me, wearing an abandoning look with those dark pair of eyes peering directly into mine asif expecting a feed back from me any moment.My eyes was flown back to the play station potable on my hand within a milli-second as i was about to complete the Contra final stage and needed all the concentration i could muster.“Sky, you didn’t hear me?” Vincent sang again as hecould see his news seemed not to have any effect on me. I looked up in a flash again, disbelief was written all over his face seeing the slight drop of his mouth as he mopped at me this time around.“Am coming abeg” i blurted out my gaze already dragged back to the game on my hand.“What are you even playing self” He went on, shifting the topic seeing how uninterested i seem tobe.“Let me see” He was drawing my hands near so his short neck could make out what i was playing, a tinygrunt flickered out of the speakers, an end game tone followed immediately and i looked on with horror as my game character lay dead just

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky ( finale)

Remembering all the events of these few weeks thati have spent in amaobodo community, it has been both a lesson, experience, adventure and most importantly an event that will forever remain fresh inmy memory.i woke up this morning with a new self into a

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 26)

AM SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY GUYS I HAVE BEEN OFFLINE FOR DAYS, OUR LIGHT GOT SPOILT AND I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT MY PHONE ALL THAT WHILE..*continues*when did i come to this, how did i get to this. turning around on my bed, sad, pitiable, dying, terrible and almost crying.i still could not believe what just

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 25)

“God abeg not this witch again”… my heart lamented.“BABY PLEASE I WILL RIGHT BACK” i excused myself from bisi as i opened the door to my room and she made herself comfy on my bed.WHERE ARE U GOING NA? she asked, eyeing me suspiciously. am sure she knew i had something to do with the girl

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 24)

my days flourished, my relationship with bisi exploded like a bomb.she now calls almost every hour, pings me almost everytime even in d mid nights.. chidinma who has been more of a wife figure to me, always advising and cooking for me, sleeping over when ever she is chanced, her company made my life bearable while bisi’s obsession and disturbance made my life unbearably terrible… **hehehehe na who i go blame,na me carry myself put dia**tuesday; commerce day, i was not in school cus i was a science student, i knew

Monday, June 20, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 23)

for two days i kept to myself. . . no phone calls and didn’t answer any even tho calls kept on coming especially from chidinma and bisi and a few times from Doris.its not that am in love with chinwe, but somehow deep inside i blamed myself for hurting her, she didn’t deserve that. . .Monday morning, i rose early from bed, the golden ray of the sun filtered into my room casting a dusty gold beam in my room which had a bright yellow paint.i had a cold bath and prepared for school. it was Econs day. i picked my phone and called bisi for

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 22)

what type of life be this one na, i came here to write this waec and enjoy myself buh i have now managed to complicate things. what type of thing isthis na… i have succeeded in breaking chinwe’s heart and Doris’s too… what type of human being am i, breaking hrts anyhow.. but i never meant to hurt any of them, the crossroads of fate just crashed there

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 21)

i went back to the party, Doris came back some minutes later and resumed her dancing and rockingwith guys.i on my own part tried to start up conversations with some random girls in the party. so far the party was rocking and thrilling.i watched girls dance and twerk, bouncing their huge assets like pros. i could also

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 20)

God please why this girl na…. I gaspedshe came and sat beside me, collected my drink and started downing the content…i was not that happy to see her, but looking at her volumptous (is that a word??? lol) sitting inside a pink bum short and a white top that showed much cleavage.. it reminded me of how we met and my raging horniness got more intense.i apologized for not keeping in touch, gave

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 19)

My relationship with the girls continued, i stayed with bisi in the school after most exams, stopped chinwe from coming to my house, instead visited her. Chidinma would come my house often and staya day or too, and Doris, i just kept my distance. . . This way everything went well and my relationships with them kept

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 18)

chidinma stayed with me till the next morning before going, we had s-x like 4more times, in fact this girl was nothing but perfect and was just my type. she was tall, beautiful, with great curves, wonderful a-s and boobs, i on my

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 17)

GOOD MORNING MY LOVE a beautiful voice woke me up, i opened my eyes slowly adjusting to the bright golden sunlight that filled the room. chidinmawas smiling down at me, she was wearing just my big polo t-shirt which barely covered pass her a-s, i could see under the shirt from my lying

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 16)

waking up, my vision was a little bit blurred, my head hurting, and twitching. i was tired and thirsty, the electric bulb was shining brightly giving my room a yellowish glow. is someone sitting beside me??? i opened my eyes wide and chidinma was seated calmly on my bed.. my hurting head vanished immediately as she threw her arms warmly around me.. my face beamed with smiles, but wait what da bleep am i doing? i am supposed to be angry at this girl, why dah bleep am i smiling like a christmas goat na.. JOHN PLEASE AM SO SORRY, MY MUM TOOK ME ALONG TO MY AUNTY’S PLACE, AM SO SORRY FOR KEEPING YOU WAITING her soft angelic voice rang into my ear. my heart sank immediately, was i even

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 15)

i entered my room, it was pitch dark “nepa don do dia own”. i switched on my electonic LED lamp, slipped out of my clothes and slumped on the bed shutting my eyes for a while. then something occurred to me, i haven’t replied the message. i reached for my phone and opened the message again. read it like 10 more times..“there is no doubt this gul is really in love with me. but LOVE!!! that’s huge am not here to fall in love, I’m here to bleep and not to enter into anything serious with anybody”. but chidinma is beautifully sexy, i have

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 14)

chidinma made me a delicious indomie garnished with egg, tomatoes, sardine. i ate with much gusto after which i took panadol.THANK YOU FOR UR KINDNESS DEAR i said eyeing her..she just smiled and tapped my back. i felt better… we washed my clothes together, she tidied my room and pots… i was so happy, this girl just saved me a whole lot of house work.we went out for a walk. she took me around d village, the village hall, the village stream where we had a little swim there, from there we went to other places,

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 13)

Saturday morning, i woke up from the wrong side of the bed, having gone out with the guys the night before we killed ourselves wit booze and beer and i had gone to bed very tipsy and h---y with an unbearable headache. i woke up in the morning after a sleep that felt like working all thru the night. i was having terrible hangover and their is nothing we all hate about booze if

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 12)

“TALLEST THIS WAN DIS GUL DON DEH FIND YOU COME HERE I HOPE NO BE TO GIVE PERSON POISONSHE DEH PLAN ” loco said winking with an evil smile.“HAHAHAHAHA OLODO NA U GO FIRST CHOP THE POISON” i said laughing… this guys shaa dem no gokill me.On our agric day i refused to contribute the #300 they collect every exam day to settle the invigilators. how i go still pay for common agric ni if i don write maths finish. na only

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 11)

The rest of the week went uneventfully. i had no paper for the rest of the week and just spent most of the days in my house. chinwe made sure i didnt lack food and p**$y, that girl is heaven sent she sometimes even wash my clothes. i kept my distance with Doris i didn’t want chinwe to find out ihave ever had anything to do

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 10)

the next day was geography day, i watched movies the previous night till 2am in the morning before i reluctantly shut down my system and went to sleep. it was a seasonal film called iris, i was so engrossed in the film that i forgot i had break, i could faintly hear hens quaking and the little chicks chipping merrily in reply. was hearing what sounded like my name as i sleepishly

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 9)

exams went on smoothly as i made my money without much stress just write and get paid. i only had two problems at school ; one was a student and the other was a corper. both of them females.. no wonder they say woman na witch lol.about the student she is one of the original students from d school, u know all dis kinda neat

Adventure of Johnysky (episode8)

my heart skipped a beat as i practically sprang up from bed, my heart was thumping hard against my chest threatening to reap it open. “which kind wahala be this na” i cursed under my breathe. i was breathing hard and tiny beads of sweat were beginning to run down my body even tho it was somehow cold. its not that am in love with any of these girls i just dont want anybody creating a scene in my room or receiving unwanted slap and curses,

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The on going story "Adventure of johnysky" contains explicit words and may not be suitable for some readers, for this reason, Another story will be starting tomorrow. pls note, we are not stopping "Adventure of johnysky" it will be posted along side the new story.


on getting to my room i didnt even know when i opened the door like say na fast forward. i dropped her on the bed like just a bag of cement and she chuckled as we started kissing like tomorrow no deh. her hands were already helping me remove my shirt and at the same time i was almost tearing her top. who said alcohol is not good hehehehe. i flew her top away and dove head on at her bossom sucking and squeezing harder than i have ever done before. she was moaning slightly and her hand was on my head pushing me harder into her bossom which left me gasping for


i woke up the 8am the next morning to find out i was alone in bed, looked around and saw she must have left while i was still asleep.memories of the night invaded my mind as i saw all that we didin my mind’s eye, i had that evil smile on my face and for my mind i be like “o boy u be baaaaaaadt boy” i sluggishly got up from bed andmet ma lodge mates outside playing whot.They were all beaming with smiles near to


Episode 5i devoured the food in less than 10mins, took a full glass of water then laid down on my bed to rest. man need rest after that kind big work na .she was all the while patiently seated beside me wearing a dreamy look.I turned and faced her with an appreciative smile on my face, she blushed as i looked at her n tilted her face to the left. “thank you dear, you just saved my life hunger nearly wound me here today” i confessed. “eehyaa, You should h told me na and i would have been coming to help you often, don’t worry i will be bringing u something from time to time” she said with concern written all over here beautiful face.I patted her on d back then i lied fully well on the bed, shifted against the wall and motioned


I got home tired and hungry, was too tired to cook but i needed to eat something.i went straight to my cupboard took some cornflakes and milk. hurriedly took a coldshower and slept off.i woke up by 4pm still feeling more hungry than ever, i was still on my bed was tooweak to get up, i went straight for my phone,logged on to 2go and chatted for a while with some friends


The journey finally came to an end at exactly10pm after so many lost minutes drivingaround the remote village trying to locateour supposedly accommodation.I was so tired and so was the other students,i noticed it was

Monday, June 13, 2016


it took like what seemed like forever for the stupid bus drivers to arrive with 12 toyota hiace buses. i was tired already and my face looked dull from the tormenting hours of waiting. it was already 3pm andwe had a long journey ahead.I tiredly dragged myself into d bus, the front seat to be precise cus of my height i cant stay comfortably at the back. a gul sat at the middle chair on the frontseat, i climbed on the bus, threw a weak greeting at her which she


Story written by Johnysky
all rights reserved
I was just lying down in my house watching sonymax channel on our gotv. smoking gun world dumbest was blaring in the television set, i was not concetrating but yet my eyes were glued to the television set, i had someone call my name but didn’t even bother

THE FAITH THAT NEVER WAS (chapter 11) last episode of season 1

Emeka didn’t mind colliding into anything or anybody as he
ran, all his thoughts were concentrated on how to stop the
impending disaster. He used the speed dial feature on his
phone once again, putting the phone in a speaker mode as it
rang; the result was always the same- no answer!
“No!” He shouted as he made efforts to run faster. “God, you
need to help me,” he prayed and kept the cruise like a bull,
avoiding obstacles in swiftness, and overcoming hurdles like
a skilled athlete. He should have boarded a cab, but this is
the time when bus-stops were stuffed up like a stadium

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Bukky and Ade had slept off, tied to each other by their
hands. Ade snored slightly.
Blessing thought about her life, her family and future. She
knew if she kept this pregnancy and Emeka kept reveling in
denial, she is already a single mother- a state that has a
screaming level of discrimination in her part of the world. She
remembered when one of her friend talked about condom and
she was lying that she never had sex and wouldn’t. She
regretted she should had learnt more about the use of it,
instead of allowing Emeka to assure her that as a virgin, she
is still far from getting pregnant.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


The ceiling fan rotated slowly. It let out a shriek of creak
every time it completed an oscillation. The window, opened in
half, let in a gentle breeze with a low whistling sound.
Everything else in the room stood still- including Blessing, Ade
and Bukky. One could almost conclude that they were
Bukky cuddled up to Ade, who, seeing this as a life time

Friday, June 10, 2016


Emeka got home very late in the evening- he appeared very
tired. Uncle James had asked him to see him for an important
discussion. That was exactly four days after Ade had left with
the girls. Although, Uncle James had called Emeka
immediately the guys left, but, Emeka could only make it
home, three days after.
Uncle James was mixing some concoction when Emeka
emerged. One of his eyes was swollen while the forehead was
plastered. Uncle James dropped what he was doing and ran
to meet his nephew, who also has a sling around his neck for
his left arm.
“What is the meaning of this? Who did this to you?” Uncle
James bellowed in anger.
“Good evening Uncle, I am sorry I couldn’t make it home three


Uncle James quickly wrapped up what he was doing to be
with the visitors he asked to wait for him outside his veranda.
“I hope you are not angry, my son and daughters?” He asked
as he sat in the chair in their front.
“No, Sir.” Ade and Bukky chorused- Blessing was silent.
“Ade, you know the nature of my job, I attend to a lot of
pressing issues from many people, every day. It is a pity that
my nephew is not around to help me out, he has been away
in school for months now. Besides, you guys said you are here

Thursday, June 9, 2016


“What happened?” Blessing asked as she was brought back
to life.
“You blacked out,” Bukky replied with a worried face, “again.”
She added.
“Again?” Blessing asked. She had recollected that the reason
she was at the hospital was because she fainted at Hannah’s
place, but to say she blacked out again, was worrisome.
“Where am I?” She asked as she was helped to sit.
“You are in my office, Blessing. You need to take things easy.”


An occasional but consistent high-pitched beep sounds visited
Blessing in her dreams. It became so loud and consistent that
even though she wasn’t yet awake, it irritated her. She shifted
in her bed and tried to shake off the sound- all to no avail.
Then suddenly, without her wanting it, her eyes opened.
Slowly at first, then they blinked repeatedly as they tried to

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Emeka sat with eyes swollen- he sniffed like a child whose
chance to play had been denied or whose candy has been
stolen. His handkerchief was wet due to frequent wiping of a
teary eyes and his stomach didn’t remind him that he hasn’t
eaten for a whole day. He had managed to bathe and had his
teeth brushed, but he was still with the cloth that was on him
since he arrived at Hannah’s place, three days ago. And every
night, against his fervent pleading, Hannah had always left
him at home every night to come back the next morning.
Hannah was indifferent to his plight, she sat behind a big fat


Emeka’s eyes were swollen, red and like a brimstone, but this
time, it wasn’t due to smoking or drinking, he has been crying
his eyes out. If there were any begging position, he had
already been there. But now, he prostrated on the floor, still
begging Hannah to forgive him.
He has been begging for two days now, but Hannah had
insisted that it was over. Something Emeka couldn’t take


Blessing looked out of the window as she sat on her bed that
was also by the window. Her stare was firm and long, but she
was not looking at the anything in particular. Her mind was
long gone in thought and worry; she has refused to touch her
food and this worried her friend, Bukky, who sat beside her all
day, watching her cry at intervals.
Blessing held up her phone to her face again and appeared to

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This story was written by Kingwax Oluwadamilare
He is the sole  author of this fictional  piece. All rights reserved .
To read about Author, click here

Emeka’s eyes was like a brimstone- they owed that
to the many rounds of beer the holder of the eyes
has consumed. He did not seemed to worry him a
bit, but it worried his friend, Ade, who sat beside
him, trying to make him stop, after many bottles-
twelve, to be precise.
“I think you should stop here.” Ade pleaded.
Emeka looked at his friend without a word, but his

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we at NairaCityBlog will like to apologize for the discontinuation of a story running here "Shades of Lust" due to an unforeseen circumstance.

we promise such would not repeat itself again. for this course, we will be bringing to you another intriguing story by a writer who's skills are unique, 

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MANSA season 2 (episode 16) final episode

Mrs Amposah stood up and before she could open her mouth to talk, a team of policemen led by Riri invaded the meeting.
Upon seeing the policemen together with Riri, Mrs Amposah knew they were after her.
"Riri, what is the meaning of this?" The chairman asked
"Good day woman, are you Mrs Amposah? Turning to Mrs Amposah, a Policeman asked.
"Yes i am, how may i help you?" She answered
"You are under arrest" the policeman said getting ready to handcuff her.
" Hold on officers. I can't allow this to happen. What has she done? The chairman said trying to stand up for Mrs Amposah.
Before the policeman could answer or make a move, Mrs Amposah pushed him away and used the emergency exit which was right behind her.
The policemen quickly ran after her. Mrs Amposah knew her way around the church very well so she outsmarted the policemen.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

MANSA season 2 (episode 15)

"Kuu, My name is Riri Delali, a professional nurse and I'm responsible for the death of your father" Riri revealed.
"what? What are you talking about Riri? Kuu asked.
"Kuu, please don't make this hard for me than it already is. let me finish talking, and i promise this will all be over when I'm done" Riri said.
Kuu kept mute as he listened to whatever Riri had to say.
" Three months before the death of your father, his food

MANSA season 2 (episode 14)

In no time she got back home. As soon as she opened the door leading to the living room, she was stunned by shock upon seeing Kuu, Mansa and the lady who claims that she is the biological mother of Kuu.
"What are you doing here woman? Mrs Amposah who was already in a state of shock and frustration asked the lady.
" Seems you already know each other. This makes it more easier then" Kuu said. He had begun feeling hatred for Mrs Amposah

MANSA season 2 (episode 13)

"I'm your mother, my son" she said.
Kuu looked surprised as he didn't believe his ears.
"What did you say? Am sure you are in the wrong house " Kuu asked.
"I know where i am. I brought you here" She said
This was getting weird for Kuu. He looked more confused and offered her a seat.
As she sat, Kuu asked her,
" Madam, how do you mean you are my mother? Am sure you know who my family is. Kuu asked.
"My son, i can explain only if you give me the chance to" She asked.
" Ermm can you hold on, let my sister join us, perhaps

MANSA season 2 (episode 12)

Kuu got up and saw Riri. Her beautiful perfume smelled all over her. Kuu immediately knew the intention she had. As to whether he will be able to resist that temptation, only time will tell.
Her kiss was very sensational, to be honest Kuu wanted more of it. When Kuu saw her,he said
"Riri, what are you doing here? This is not right" Kuu said.
Riri shushed him by placing her hand on his lips right after which landed another kiss on his lips.
It was getting intense as they began feeling each other's breath.
Suddenly, Kuu came to his senses. As difficult as it was, he pushed Riri away.
Riri tried coming back towards him, but he

MANSA season 2 (episode 11)

As much as the issue was looking strange to Mansa, the gateman was smelling of alcohol, so Mansa didn't take him serious. She thought he was drunk.
"You know what, i will be back some other time. Take this and use it for something" Mansa said and gave out some amount of money to him as a token and left.
Asabea on the other hand was trying as much as she could to reach Chris but it was to no avail.
She thought Chris was trying to be smart on her

MANSA season 2 (episode 10)

Before he could open his mouth to talk, a whole bunch of police men started coming out from their hide out. He was surrounded by the policemen who were all along in ambush.
"Obed, whats the meaning of this? Chris asked.
"The law is just taking its course" Obed said.
Chris was immediately handcuffed right after they had taken the illegal drugs from his possession.
It was now difficult for him to even defend himself,

MANSA season 2 (episode 9)

"Who is Riri? She is the main pivot of this" Mrs Lokko said.
" I don't understand Mum. Riri is an usher at our church and is very committed to her duty," Mansa said.
" You won't understand my daughter. Don't worry, that moment will come. For now it will be very hard for you to take it, I'm just happy my daughter has finally returned to me. Look, let me take you home and show you around" Mrs Lokko said.
They got ready and left the office.
Chris on the other hand had an offer for his drugs to be bought at GHC 80,000. That was higher than usual.
He was up for it. He agreed to meet the the person to seal the deal,

MANSA season 2 (episode 8)

Part 2................. Episode 8
Kuu had been listening to their conversation all along.
His mother wanted to change the subject but Kuu pushed them to the wall.
"Kuu, you can't believe what, Riri and i were just wondering who could be behind the food poisoning" Mrs Amposah lied.
Kuu was so sure of what he heard. Indeed he knew his mom was lying about it.
"Anyway, i will be in my room" Kuu said and left them.
Mrs Amposah and Riri didn't trust Kuu on that. At least they needed to be sure that he does not suspect anything.
"Do you think he heard everything? Riri asked.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MANSA season 2 (episode 7)

"Oh my God, you have finally brought my daughter to me" the woman said embracing Mansa so tight with tears in her eyes.
Mansa had no idea of what was going on.
"Mansa, look how you've grown so big and beautiful. I have always been longing for this day" the lady said.
Mansa looked totally confused and out of place.
"Madam, I don't understand what you're saying," Mansa said.
"I know my daughter, I know it will be hard for you to take it. Sit down Mansa and let's talk," the woman said and they both

MANSA season 2 (episode 6)

"what? this can't be. The Doctor said with amazement.
"Doc, I'm feeling very well. It's as if nothing had happened to me" Mansa said
Kuu jumped into her and hugged her so tight.
"Aww Kuu, I miss you so much" Mansa said.
"Mansa, please forgive me, forgive me please" Kuu kept on saying.
"What are you saying Kuu? What have you done that you need forgiveness" Mansa asked.
Mrs Amposah just stood there. She was completely lost of words. It was like a dream to her.
"Doc, kindly run some test on her to be sure

MANSA season 2 (episode 5)

"Its rather unfortunate, we tried all that we could, but Mansa can't
be able to walk again, it will take a miracle to make her
walk" The Doctor said.
"Oh no my daughter, God will surely answer my prayers"
Mrs Amposah said.
"He will indeed answer, Mansa will walk again. Doc can we
see her now? Obed asked.
"Now about that, did any of you serve Mansa with breakfast
today?" The Doctor asked.
Obed and Mrs Amposah looked surprised