Wednesday, May 25, 2016

season 2 my father's wife (episode 6)

“Sky, this your father’s wife seems not to like me” Chioma whispered into my ears.I grunted reluctantly dragged myself up from bed.It has been an intense night of sexual bliss with chioma. we had a whole lot of catching up to do and before the day ended we ended up finding our connection again and it culminated into one of the best nights i’ve had in years.“How do you mean she doesn’t like you” I queried peering into her face which wore a long expression.“I don’t know, but i can notice she don’t seem happy when she sees me” she shrugged.“Yesterday during dinner, i could swear she was glaring at me. Is anything the matter sky?” She sounded curious and a worried look smeared all over her face.“Don’t worry baby, am sure it’s nothing” I tried sounding convincing giving her a soft kiss and an assuring smile.But deep down me i knew it wasn’t nothing, the last time a girl said that to me it was Joy and Amanda later slapped her, who knows what she will do this time.A little tap on the door sounded into my ears.“Come in” i addressed at the door expecting Jessy to come in. she hadn’t come home since yesterday.Amanda walked in gently popping her face in first then her body filled into the room with the door opening with a slight groan.“Good morning” She intoned beaming with a broad smile eyeing Chioma who already went stiff immediately Amanda entered.“Good morning Ma” I voiced out emphasizing on the ‘Ma’.“Breakfast is ready dear, you guys should come down before it gets cold” she announced throwing a wink at me before turning around exaggerating the sway of her bumz to the contempt of chioma who just watched on with a blank face.I could tell she felt threatened and unwelcome moreso from the fact that Jessy was not back yet.We went down to the dinning room coming face to face with what could pass as a feast and not a breakfast.A shrieking sound was heard outside after a car honk.In a little while the front door flew open with a bang.“Chi baby!!!” Jessy’s voice shrieked as she sped to the dinning table crashing into chioma who also let out a resounding shriek ladled in a cracking laughter, their arms clasping around each other.I left the girls on the table as they kept on yapping and talking and hugging, strolling to the kitchen to get more water.My eyes popped as i was faced with a picture of Amanda cleaning the sink, her a-s all shouty hugged tight in a deep blue flimsy leggings revealing every contour.A slight shocked surged from my eyes to junior sky who gave a gentle nod.This mermaid is still one of the most sexiest creatures i know.Trying hard enough to maintain my sanity i walked into the kitchen moving straight to the fridge.Grabbing a bottle of Eva water i turned round and there was Amanda standing right in front of me making me startle a bit before recovering my composure.“Sky, I have missed you” Amanda intoned taking herhand up to my face.My mouth dropped, heart racing hard and my handstrembled.Amanda still have some kind of effect on me and i can’t help myself.I could feel Amanda’s hand on the back of my neck pulling my head down, A slight cold but soft sensation filled my lips as i felt her lips grasp mine pushing deeper with every passing mili-second.Junior sky now throbbed and pressed hard beneathmy boxer, i could feel myself slipping down the drains of my past mistakes.“Please Amanda its ok” I blurted out pushing her out gently out of the way and casting off from the kitchen almost immediately hearing the sound of a faint chuckle from Amanda as i walked the hall way back to the dinning.“Will i ever be free of her” My heart sighed.Walking back to the dinning, Jessy and Chioma were still lost in their own world, gisting, laughing and probably gossiping about what happened last night between i and chioma or what played out between Jessy and her fiancee.Seemed they didn’t even notice i was gone. resuming my initial position on the table i watched them do their thing with a worried mind.“Eheeee sky you had 5missed calls when you were gone” Jessy threw at me and delve back to their gist.I picked my phone, it was an unsaved number which seemed strange cus nobody had this new number yet.I dialed the number back which was picked almost before it rang.“Hello” i said into the phone mouth piece.“Is this Mr Johnysky, the son of Chief Williams?” The alien like voice of a man sounded from the other side of the phone.“Yes i am” i replied trying to use my new found British accent.“Jesus!!!” i shouted dropping the glass of water i held with the other hand.“What is it sky?” Jessy and Chioma asked having being startled by my shout and the crashing sound of the broken cup.“Whats the matter, whats going on here” Amanda added as she rushed out of the kitchen, soapy water dripping from her hands.I could see the curiosity buttered into surprising fear and confusion.“Papa was involved in a terrible motor accident” I announced.....continues in episode 7

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