Thursday, May 26, 2016

season 2 my father's wife (episode 14)

Jessy and Wilson drove me to my house an hour later, Jessy insisting she drive owing to the fact my state of mind was unstable.The whole ride to my house felt like i was being dragged on a road of gravel tied to a horse.papa was not home yet before i was taken home by Jessy and Wilson. My head was heavy ad at the same light and i felt woozy.It felt like a dream yet it was hurting like it was real. kept on dialing Chioma’s number on my way but it was still switched off.“Leave my mummy alone”
those tiny sounds kept ringing in my head.Ryans teary face kept flashing in my mind.That look he gave me, that mixture of anger spread into a chunk of helplessness. It was familiar to me and bearing in my mind my contempt for the man i bore this feelings for, i couldn’t imagine my own son having such feelings for me.My night was a live hell for me. Chioma’s bleeding words pieced my soul, my wedding that is almost as probable as an impossible event, what papa would do when he finds out Ryan was my child and not his.Old wounds would definitely be reopened. My baby chioma was carrying; How could my child enter intothe world with the way things are.Surprisingly Amanda’s teary helpless look as i had my gripped round her neck made worse by the crispcrystalline tears i made Ryan shed.I woke up in the morning with a throbbing headache, my mouth was dry and my body felt very fragile, i had being awake all through the night.I heavily picked myself up and headed for the bathroom for some clean ups.Picking my keys up i headed towards chioma’s house.Dialing her number as i drove. It rang the first time then went into number busy, the second time it wasnot available.I blared my car horn with so much impatience. Watched as the little hatch in the gate opened and two pair of eyes popped out then closed again.Hassan stepped out stretching, his flowing white robe still touched the ground.“Whats going on” i cursed under my breathe yanking my car door open.Hassan never come after seeing my car from the hatch, he knows most of the cars i drive due to my frequent visit the last couple of weeks and he always looks forward to hailing my name with his hands thrown to the air, it always earned him some few naira notes.“Hassan what is it, open the gate for me!” I intoned walking toward him, his hands were still thrown up in the air but i doubt if he was still stretching.“Oga gudu afun” He said throwing his face out through the other flank trying to avoid my gaze and his mouth in a sulking position.“Ok ok Hassan good afternoon, can you open the gate now” Impatience was riddled in my tone and my hands demonstrated my point.Hassan shook is head slightly still bearing his his face the opposite direction.“What do you mean by that” I retorted, a pinch of anger flying out.“Oga, oga and madam say make i no allow me crossgate egen (again) walahi oga i is not my fot”Hassan sounded pleading.I didn’t speak any word again, i turned and re-entered my car and zoomed off with a neck breaking speed.I drove into papa’s compound in shimmering atmosphere of the evening sun.Ryan was running around the compound with his ball.“My son” I murmured looking at Ryan play still inside my car.He was handsome, he had Amanda’s skin colour, a smallish nose and a relatively small eyes which sparkled with a lot of promise.My lips formed into a smile watching him play, his slim cracking laughs as he chased the ball around.I got down from the car and walk to him.“Hello Ryan” I smiled to him jolting him out of his football cast spell.He looked at me and his face changed, the happy laughing facing slowly began to wear a frown beforeme.I knelt before him to bring our height a little closer, took his smallish small hands in mine still trying to force out a smile.“Am sorry for what happened yesterday, i was only playing with mummy” i intoned peering into his facesearching for a smile getting a reciprocating stare in return.“Now give uncle a hug” i sang now wearing a grin, the word ‘uncle’ thumped my heart hard.Taking his little frame into my arms i hugged him tight, felt his little arms go round my back after staying numb for a minute.My face forced out a real smile now tightening my arms around him.Standing up still bearing him in my arms, i met Amanda’s full stare. she was standing a few yards away looking at i and Ryan.“Good evening” I said walking up to her, i could make out a black eye and a swollen cheek, remnants of yesterday’s event.“Good evening sky” she muttered focusing her gazemore on the child in my arms.“I will like to take Ryan out this evening, he may staywith me in my house today” i said looking more intoher face.“Alright” . . . that was the greatest surprise of the century. Never expected Amanda to agree so easily,something really is different in her.She prepared Ryan’s little back pack and i left with him. taking him round the city and most of the children’s park i could locate.I was happy seeing his innocent beautiful self happy, and creating a connection between us.Just a little after twilight, i went home after my tiresome playing session with Ryan round the cityPushing my door open “Welcome to our house Ryan”..Chioma was seating in one of the sofas waiting for me.....continues in episode 15

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