Tuesday, May 24, 2016

my father's wife(episode 15)

“Sky whats wrong. . . talk to me” Jessy asked for the1000th time betraying a lot of curiosity and slight scare.I lay wearily with my face on the bed and back facing the ceiling and jessy’s hand on my back and her figure seating on the edge of the bed.“Sky do you now keep secrets from me, what happened between you and aunty?” Jessy’s voice exhibited some unsure tone that made it obvious she was afraid of what ever it is that
was happening.“That woman is a b-----d” I blurted at her with clenched fist, eyes blazing like a wild forest fire.“Please Jessy leave me alone for now”The remaining of that Saturday was stale, the housewas dull and reeked of grave silence.I kept to myself, no cracking laughter between i and jessy as usual neither were their any sound of music from the home theater.Amanda’s flirting glances were left unreturned though this time it was more of a sorry glance than flirting.Could make out the sorry face she wore made worse by the now seemingly ridiculous make-ups she had on **maybe because no be better eye i takedeh look am **Sunday morning started on a more similar stale manner, Jessy never bothered coming to my room.Only countless sms and whatsapp messages from Nancy made my day even more miserable than it already was, somehow i blamed her for this happening.A slight knock on my door jolted me up a bit, skybeauty never knocks on my door.“Who is that?” I commanded knowing fully well who it should be.“Its Amanda” She replied at the same time pushing the door open.Junior sky shouted as Amanda emerged clad only in a mickey mouse T-shirt that stopped just after the base of her a-s with those thighs seemingly even more charming.“Sky please am sorry” She began trying to look flirting but at the same time pleading in the eyes.“Please aunty not now, Jessy is at home” I intoned peering suspiciously at the door.“She has gone to church”“Please sky don’t go to nsukka i promise i will make it up to you, i regret breaking that phone am sorry please” Her hands was clasped like she was praying.“I have already told Jessy their is no way am going back on it” i intoned with every air of authority.**For my mind i was like ‘Choi sky see as e deh beg you like say you be governor**Amanda left after i made it clear i was going to nsukka with jessy, means this house will be unbearably bleaked for her being alone and bored and i loved the thought of that..And the fact that Joy came here yesterday after i stormed off my room immediately after the showdown and Amanda chased her away with a slap as jessy put it, made me even more furious andinduced more resentment in me towards Amanda.Papa came home monday morning lighting the mood of the house a bit up with his croaky roaring laughter as he reeled out tales of how a senator farted while they were still with the president and how another couldn’t even sing the national anthem.“I wonder how those uneducated mallams became senators in this country when learned men like myself is insulted with local government chairmanship” He boasted to Amanda who did well to laugh at those unnecessarily unfunny jokes and even went to the extent of adding “Am sure you will be a senator soon” **Mtcheeeew dreamer**Jessy and i left for nsukka after papa consented even though he seemed clueless and unsure of my reasons for deciding to go with Jessy but it was clear he needed his privacy with his wife that’s why he didn’t think twice in giving me a go ahead squeezing a rumpled clump of a few thousands nairas into my hands.Getting to nsukka by 5pm, the whole scenario was suddenly changed to somewhat a bit cooler and unruffled.Jessy’s lodge was just a stone throw after the school gate outside campus with a gigantic black gate shackled in similar dark red fence.The compound was a bit tight with 5 separate smallhouses in similar colours only smeared with a fine touch of white.Bushy flowers bordered the houses giving them a secluded greenly appearance.We entered the 3rd house in the row which was Jessy’s, stepping inside i was greeted with a flash of white teeth, a female figure with a beautifully radiant face, decent curves and shapes but lacked slightly in height. she welcomed Jessy with a hug and then turned her attention towards me.“Hey sky, Its i Chioma” She announced offering her hands for a handshake.It was obvio she was expecting me ………continues in episode 17
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