Tuesday, May 24, 2016

my father's wife (episode 16)

“Hey sky, why haven’t you been picking up my calls or replying my messages. I want to see you again babe”Won’t this woman just leave me alone, haven’t you caused me enough problems already “Hapunum aka (leave me alone)” I hissed dropping my phone again after reading a text from Nancy.Early morning text is now the daily routine for both Amanda and Nancy.I just need to recollect myself back, i need a break
from both of them and even Joy. Have had enough of the problems they are riddled with.Giving out a loud yawn with that normal involuntary total body stretching that always accompanies first morning yawns and a lot of cracking sounds ringingwhile i stretched.Early morning boner was visible making my scooby doo boxer look swollen. My eyes were drawn to Chioma who was still sound asleep on the bed, she was clad in a black bum shotz and pink tank top, her face looked innocent while her exposed thighs looks guilty. **View of inner thighs gets junior sky going**From the very first day i arrived nsukka, chioma’s behaviour have betrayed the fact that she must have something plotted out for me and jessy was involved in it.The over pampering i get from both her and jessy, but from her most of all can make any man forget his troubles in a whim.Her constant flirting and Jessy’s nudging when evershe’s around made the conspiracy plot very evident.Jessy have always wanted me to date this girl and i am beginning to think her plans are working.Who would say ‘NO’ to such beautiful good angel who is yet head over heels with you, am not Jabez.The compound can be termed “Girls quarters” because all of the inhabitants are girls with most of them reaching up to 4 in one house, only Jessy andChioma could boast of being only 2 sharing theirs.Different categories of girls flocked round, the tall and slim ones, short small ones, fat ones, busty girls and churchious girls with skirts that help sweep the compound.Seems chioma wants to create an impression to all of them that i am dating her with the way she clingsto me, showed me off among the girls but seemed she only managed to instill interest in most of them.Like the girl staying in house 4 who have gone as far as engaging me in a conversation on a moonlit silvery night, the bold cleavages she rocked from her cyan coloured top looking interrupted by the silvery beams the moon cast giving it a more greyish look.Her legs hugged tight in a white leggings that showed all the contours even her yam leg.Her name was Cynthia as she introduced herself to me during our conversations.“Sky food is ready, where are you” Chioma’s whatsapp message interrupted me while i pretended to be interested in cynthia’s long boring stories applying little laughs when i think she meantto be funny.“I deh outside, talking with one of ur friends cynthia”I typed back still trying to look interested in cynthia’s season film long tales.Chioma now even worry about my whereabouts more than my own twin, in fact Jessy now even seem to leave me to her care cus she doesnt even miss any chance of living us alone. **This girl already sold me out gan**“What! She’s not my friend.. ok am coming” Her message followed almost before a jiffy.Chioma popped out to where i sat with in two opposite white plastic chairs.The scratching sounds her slippers made on the floor as she walked to where i sat, a white flay skirt with a red top described her nomenclature bringing her figure nearer.I can pay anything to get a replay of Cynthia’s facial expression as Chioma sat on my lap and announced that food was ready with her hand goingacross my shoulder.I did well to hide my surprise but Cynthia whose face now sagged with a her facial expression giving out her contempt tho she tried to hide it, i noticed it anyway.“Chi baby how far na” Cynthia threw at chioma who decorated her face with a broad grin.“Cindi i deh ooo ” Chioma smiled back.**Am sure this una smile no reach for una stomach**I excused myself from cynthia and followed Chioma inside, with her leading the way like a victorious warlord, saw cynthia’s resigning figure in a moment before i fully disappeared into the room.** ** **Watching Chioma’s figure now sprawled on the bed in a blissful unconscious abandon.. i smiled to myself as i rushed off to the bathroom for the morning duties..Nsukka is so gonna make brainz.....continues in 17

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