Monday, May 23, 2016

my father's wife (episode 11)

Amanda pounced on me immediately papa left.. shehas seen him off to the car rubbing his back as he walked to his car, turning at interval to talk something else while i can see her gesturing him tokeep going.I watched from my room as dad reluctantly entered his black coloured mean infiniti jeep and drove off but not after collecting some kisses from his wife.I watched
amanda walk back to the house as papa’s car slowly taxied out of the compound and ahmed throwing a staggering salute at him.**as governor or what… duurrr…lol**I walked down stairs just as Amanda walked through the front door into the sitting room beaming with smiles.She jumped on me squarely with both of her legs wrapping round my back and hands clasped tight around my neck.On a normal circumstance i would have fallen backwards and flat on my back but this time even Samson or Hercules could not compare the strength.I held her and maintained my stand with two of my hands crossing behind her back grabbing both of her a-s cheeks with my palm holding the firm roundbutts and keeping her up on me.Her lips dug into mine immediately pushing deep into my lips as her tongue intruded into every corner of my mouth with both of her eyes shut tight.. The rush of blood that responded to the stimulus my brain was bombarded with as my D--k sprang to life being pumped with hot blood.Our lips remained locked with my hands still squeezing those a-s tight and fingers straying a bit into the promise land, smooching and provoking her p---y through the flimsy material she woreI slowly walked to the biggest couch in the sitting room slumping down on it, she now sat astride me with both of her legs resting on each side of the coach and my back leaning relaxingly on the couch still absorbing the shock the touch of her lips induced on my body as she kissed away with palms grabbed her a-s once again, squeezing them tight and lifting the flimsy gown she wore as i rubbed her a-s which were now in a pant that barelyspread to 30% of her a-s hands strayed from her a-s upwards to the fronttaking hold her boobs still clad inside the gown but definitely no bra stood between me and total bliss.could feel her waist moving to and front crushing her crotch against my dickson which now formed a tent inside the large basketball short i was hands slowly slipped the flimsy sleeves of the dress off her shoulder with those out of the world boobs peering at me with a broad ‘hello’ look knocking my brains over to the back as they stood on her chest like mountains of avalon with the slightly dark auroras gracing it.Her lips slipped down to the trunk of my neck filling it with little kisses as her hand yanked on my shirt pulling it up roughly in a bid to off it.I raised my hands up for her and my shirt was lost within a second seeing her throw it as far away as she could.Her lips attacked my chest taking my small perky n-----s in her mouth twirling round it and sucking on it with my hands rubbing her p---y through her panties.Her hands slowly strayed and journeyed down to my short rubbing dickson through my shorts making me gnash my teeth with my eyes shut air tight.Her hands pulled down my short with me rising a bitto ease the transition of my boxer from my waist down to my knees as dickson sprang out like a liberated prisoner.Her eyes popped a bit, watched her slowly move to the side of the couch, her soft silky cold hands wrapped around my s---t casting a peering look at it.I watched as her mouth slightly opened and descended down on my s---t, taking it deep into her mouth as far as it could go.The whole bones in my body cracked and stretchedwith my mouth open but a weird sack covered my vocal hands journeyed back to her a-s grabbing them hastily, i rubbed her slit again with my fingers, shifting her panties to the side and my finger disappeared into her slit.Could hear muffled moans from her as she worked her lips up and down my s---t, while my finger wentin and out of her with her juices covering my hands.The muffled moans she gave out, with the sight of her soft mouth around my s---t, her a-s shot out in the air as my hands dug in and out with slight slurping sounds escaping from the p---y and the warm feel of that mouth working me like a lollipop all sent my toes curling in an intense manner, heartbeat increased by 2beat per second and bloodpressure rising more than normal.She rises releasing junior sky from the torture she subjected it to.Junior sky was nodding as she slipped out of her panties.. it was a pink lacy pantie with white ribbon at the front.She sat astride me now with my s---t positioned just at the entrance of her p---y waiting for her to descend on it, my whole body vibrated at the anticipation of what was following the next second.“Was that a knock?” She blurted out immediately looking back at the door.“No how can… its not a knock” i moaned resuming my kiss on her neck and my hands working her boobs.Kom! kom!! kom!!! the door roared at it sounded like banging this time.“Oh s--t . . . that’s definitely a knock” I retorted.Amanda’s head was turned towards the door as shestared at it, i could see a lot of anger on her face and am sure she would definitely have shot the person at the door if she had a gun.“Who is that?” I barked betraying the anger i entertained within me cus of the rude interruption.“Shut up you idiot, it is me JESSY”....continue in episode 12

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