Monday, May 23, 2016

my father's wife (chapter 6)

Papa came home that evening after Joy have already gone home.I walked pass them at the parlour chatting and laughing with amanda rubbing papa’s stomach.Ooh i felt sick to my stomach and and alien jealousyover took me as i cast a glaring look at amanda which she reciprocated gazing at me until i disappeared upstairs and into my room.Now i can recall that look she gave me when i was walking
to my room with joy, it was exactly the same type of look l gave her seeing her rubbing papa’s fat belly.She really is mad at me because of Joy and obviously still is mad, no wonder i have not seen even one flash from her since morning. Not her teeth nor her flirty gestures or killing winks.. Have been a very cold attitude and scorn.7pm i went down to the kitchen, expectedly i met her there washing plates while something boiled onthe cooker seemed like rice judging from the scent.“Good evening” i muttered…. scratching the back of my head.“Yeah” she said quite cold and indifferent.I knew within me she was not happy with me because of Joy.Seating at one corner of the kitchen i fixed my eyes on her as she washed and dried the plates.She was clad in a flimsy gown that just stop after her a-s giving out 80% of those laps that stood like 2 huge soft and fair tree trunks.My d**k responded, nodding furiously inside my scooby doo boxer this time**Dont mind me, i’m a disney fan..”The surge of lust in me for this lady was so intense that i could even hear my own heartbeat.I stood up from the corner i sat, slowly grabbed her from behind crushing my body behind hers.She jolted in surprise, then surprisingly she threw her head backwards and surrendered her whole frame into mine on getting to know it was me.I took my head deep into her neck as my lips found the sides of her neck showering kisses into it as myhands strayed from her stomach and journeyed up to the base of her boobs.Her head fell more backward into me, her mouth flew open but no words escaped except for slight moans that were only audible to my ears.i dragged my lips side wards to the side of her lips coated in a pink wet lip stick giving her soft bites and kisses on her cheek.She tilted her face to the right and her lips found mine in a very passionate long wet hands found her boobs giving her soft and hard squeezes as our lips danced into each other.Her tongues twirled into mine sucking and nibbling at my tongue and lips.I took my lips down to her neck again kissing and nibbling away at the back of her neck twirling my tongue on her skin as my right hand travelled more downwards to her belly encircling her belly button and my left hand still caressing and squeezing those round full right hand travelled downwards more between her thighs as it sank deep into her laps taking it up enough to graze her p---y covered in a lacy thong.I could feel the hotness oozing out from there and her juices smearing on my fingers through the thong.Her moans became more frequent with her hand thrown to the back rubbing the back of my head furiously and the other grazing my laps.i rubbed her p---y through the panties encircling her c--t tucked into two moulds of swollen labias.“Oh sky…ooh my gawd… ooohm mmmmm baby” flew out through her mouth filtering into my ears sending more blood pumping vigourosly into my already hard D--k.I slowly journeyed down to her back attacking the crack of her back with kisses, shifting the tiny rope that held the gown to her shoulder downwards to her upper arms letting the gown slip down more to her stomach.letting those two most beautiful boobs fall out from under the dress, of course she had no bra hands grabbed the boobs hard as i gave them even more hard squeezes rubbing her now erect n-----s with my fingers, running them all over her dark lips traced its way downwards to her a-s lifting up that flimsy dress gently, her white lacy panties became visible confirming my guess.Covering each a-s cheeks with kisses, twirling wit my tongue and licking each of them circling with mytongue and my hands rubbing her p---y which now drenched my them in juices.My lips trailed down more between her thighs, running my tongue into it grazing her p---y through her thong.She bends more leaning forward towards the sink letting her a-s shoot out into the air and the greater part of her p---y coming out from behind.I shifted the thong to the side as my tongue delve full frontal into her p---y, licking her swollen labias, licking through it and my hand caressing her inner thighs.I could hear faint moans from her as her hands heldup her dress for me.My tongue twirled in her p---y, kissing and licking then gently i pushed my tongue into her p---y hole taking it in as far as it could go rubbing her c--t withmy fore finger while my tongue was buried deep into her.. could feel her jerking and twitching above.Moans after moans turning into groans rewarded me making me more enthusiastic as my tongue pushed deeper into her.I took my pink tongue to another missionary journey finding her now hard c--t protruding out from her labias. I took it into my mouth, twirling overit grazing and rubbing it with my tongue with her p---y scent filling my nostrils.“Oh she smells angelic” i moaned through my breathe.I concentrated on her c--t, slurping and twirling on it. juices smearing all over my jaw.She started trembling, shaking profusely as i felt herdrift into a bout of heavy o----m.Her quaking was very hard and i s----d on her c--t even more with one of my fingers going in and out her slit.I could notice her moans were muffled and her legs wobbled making me hold her up through her a-s with my hand.I got up from under her a-s as she was recovering from the orgasmic spell.Grabbed her by the neck gently and pushed my mouth into her, she dove her tongue into mine with full force taking me in as hungrily as a man in an indomie advert.I pushed down my boxer, Junior sky sprang out from under my boxer as my boxer slid down to my knees.Her a-s were still up in the air and her hands grasping the sink water tap…I took my fingers to herp---y again rubbing it up and down feeling the juicecovered p---y once more before i slowly position the head of my D--k at the entrance.My whole body stiffened as my D--k slowly and easily slid into her warmness.Waves of dry cold and intense hotness surged through me making me shiver and groan wit my eyes shut tight.She pushed her a-s out more giving me more rangeto drive my almost 9inches long member into.I went in and out, bringing my D--k all the way out till the head was visible then slamming it back.“Darlin am going inside the bedroom, call me when the food is ready” We heard papa’s voice call out from the parlour as he groaned definitely from him stretching himself.I froze immediately with my D--k still buried deep into her, my heart melted to my stomach and my eyes glued to the door with popped eyes sensitive enough to see even the slightest movement, ears raised to hear the slightest sound of footsteps that may appear to come toward the kitchen but strangely such risk intensified my lust.“Ok darlin i will” she called out back to papa before i interrupted by ramming my D--k hard into her making her jerk and moan out softly again.The thought of papa being in the house as i bleep his new sexy wife from behind right inside the kitchen made more blood rush through my veins into my D--k getting me more mad with lust.My t----t became long and harder, slamming harderand harder grabbing her boobs with my hand from the back.“Oh baby..Mmmhmmm my sky…Oh i love u so much..aaaaahh baby pls” she moaned out making me even more hard.Her p---y walls tightened its grip on my D--k as shewas sent into another round of explosive o----m making her shake and quiver.It sent me over the edge as my own o----m hit me unexpectedly making me grabbed her a-s roughly slamming harder into her in an unrhthymized pattern, my legs wobbling and tapping the ground as waves of hard o----m passed through me as my D--k vomited hot wads of thick fluids deep into her with my whole body quaking like someone dancing a lighter version of shoki.Her p---y leaked of more juices making it even more slippery, as my D--k gave up the last of its content.I savored the feel of her p---y holding on my D--k inmy post orgasmic mood.Then i pulled out my half flaccid D--k out, peeled upmy scooby doo boxer that now rested on my feet.“Wooow sky this is the wildest and the best i have ever had” She whispered to me positioning her thong back to the normal position and taking down her dress which were on her stomach, could see how heavy she was blushing giving me an aray of pride.“Oh s--t, the rice is burning” she blurted out dashing towards the Gas cooker.I walked out of the kitchen but not after casting another mischievous look at her a-s while she put of the cooker.She took ghostly look behind winking at me and herlips moved and the words “Thank you” found it’s way into my ears.I disappeared into the hall way that led to the stairs.I cant believe i just bleeped this sexy goddess that passed as papa’s wife…My own father’s wife….....continues in chapter 7

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