Tuesday, May 31, 2016

MANSA season 2 (episode 4)

Before she could think of finishing the whole meal, her
tummy began grumbling. She was in severe pain. She
shouted for help that got attention of the nurses. A white
foamy substance was coming out of her mouth which
seemed Mansa had been poisoned.
Her condition looked critical while the pupil of her eyes were
disappearing. Her life was in God's hand now.
The Doctor came in after being
prompted about Mansa's
Obed's instinct told him that something was wrong with
Mansa. In no time he came to the hospital but was
prevented from seeing Mansa until the Doctor had finished
attending to her.
Obed sat down at the OPD and silently prayed. He knew
there was something wrong with Mansa.
Chris came to the hospital to find Obed sitting there. He
joined him and asked how Mansa was faring.
"I really don't know but I learnt the doctor is attending to her
at the moment. Where is your mother ?" Obed asked.
"Off to see Kuu", he answered.
Obed felt this was the right moment to find from Chris if he
really reported his brother to the police so He came up with
a trick.
"Chris, how could your brother do such a thing to Mansa?"
Obed said.
"I really don't know what came over him. I always do my
best as a brother to advise him but i just don't know why he
went to that extreme," Chris said.
"Such is life. Whoever reported the issue to the police really
did well. Mansa will be so happy to hear her rapist has been
caught" Obed said.
As childish as Chris was, he revealed that he was the one
who reported the case.
"Actually, i did. I can't afford to see Mansa go through that
pains at the expense of my brother's freedom. Justice
cannot be tampered with mercy", said Chris.
"So you actually placed your brother behind bars, I see.
When he actually stood up and defended you when you got
involved in drug issues back in the states. He pleaded with
your late dad to come to your aid even when your father
didn't want to. I must say, your freedom today is practically
by Kuu's effort, yet this is how you repay him" Obed said
Chris was frightened by the words of Obed.
"I see, Kuu has been talking to you a lot" Chris told Obed.
"Not at all, but Chris, I know everything that's going on"
Obed said.
This frightened him the more as he kept talking.
Chris excused himself. He couldn't take it anymore.
He walked out and left his presence. As soon as he stepped
out of the hospital, he had a call from Asabea.
"I told you not call me anymore," Chris said as soon as he
" ...and do you think i want to? I'm going to make sure you
really suffer for what you have caused me, I have already
struck and am sure you are going to hear a bad news soon.
This is not the end, you will crawl and beg for my mercy",
Asabea threatened him.
As much as he was scared and worried about her threats, he
didn't make it obvious for her to see.
"You can't do anything to me Asabea, I have you at my
fingertips. You obey and listen to me. You belong to me and
i choose to do whatever I want with you", Chris told her.
She laughed and said, "we shall see" and she hanged up on
Chris needed to be vigilant and alert for what Asabea may
be planning to do.
Mrs Amposah had returned to the hospital and was together
with Obed waiting for the doctor.
Due to the confrontation from Obed, she hardly spoke a
word to him.
She watched him head to toe from where she was sitting
with anger and fear at the same time.
Finally, the Doctor came out. He was actually looking down
and worked up. It seemed something had gone wrong.
Obed rushed to him as the Doctor approached Mrs
"Doctor any good news?" Asked Mrs Amposah. The doctor responded,
"It's rather........continues in episode 5

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