Sunday, May 29, 2016

MANSA (episode 9)

She instantly felt different. She then suspected that she waspregnant.This even worsened her situation. Her being pregnantwillbring about issues she is not ready for."I can't be pregnant, God come to my aid" she softly saidand went back to her bed.She was so much worried about her condition that shecompletely forgot about the dream she had.The following morning Mansa was up early and had alreadybegan her house chores.Kuu was getting ready to go out when he saw Mansa at thekitchen. Apparently, they have not been able to speakforlong due to the busy schedule of Kuu.Somewhere deep inside Kuu, he was a bit jealous of howMansa and Chris had suddenly become very close.He was missing her company even though they lived underthe same roof.He went to kitchen to say hi to her before leaving."Hey Mansa, where have you been hiding yourself?" Kuuasked."I should be asking you that. You are the busy one,remember?" Mansa said."Yeah sis, i will
admit that. Anyway, how about me takingyou out tonight? Kuu asked."Really? I will love that but you know Mum may not agree.She said."Don't worry, leave that to me, just get yourself ready by thetime i come home tonight", he said and left her at thekitchen.Chris was all along eavesdropping when Kuu was talking toMansa. He quickly ran back to his room when Kuu wasgetting out of the kitchen.Fortunately for him, Kuu never saw him. An unusual thinghappened that morning soon after Kuu had left for themeeting.Chris was in his room when all of a sudden he heard shoutscoming from the hallway.The person was screaming as if he/she was beingpossessed.Chris got to see who it was, it was his mother.Mansa had also heard Mrs. Amposah screaming and wasalready at the hallway trying to find out what was reallygoing on.Mrs. Amposah refused to talk to anyone, she was sweatingand panting as if she has been running a marathon.She quickly went to the living room and sat there,completely ignoring everyone.Mansa and Chris were in shock of the attitude of Mrs.Amposah, however there was nothing they could do than towait for her to calm down.Chris then rushed to his mother's room to check if therewas anyone there, but to his surprise the room was lookingnormal as always.Before he knew, Mrs Amposah had gone back to her room.She took a quick shower and without saying a word toanyone, she hurriedly left home.This kept Chris and Mansa really worried. What was reallygoing on?On the other hand, Chris was excited that he was once againleft alone with Mansa.This means he will probably take a step further. He came upwith a plan.Mansa was the type of lady who respected people'sprivacy. With this, she never had the guts to either enter intoKuu or Chris's room.Chris however wanted to have a way of luring her intohisroom that very morning. The pregnancy of his girlfriendAsabea never bothered him.He never called her after the confrontation. All his focuswas to get Mansa into his bed.Mansa on the other hand, went out to get a pregnancy testkit. She wanted to be sure if she was pregnant or not.This gave room for Chris to figure out what to do to letMansa into his room.He suddenly covered himself up with a cloth and laid on theliving room sofa. He was faking sickness.Mansa in no time came to find him lying on the sofa. Ascaring as she was, she quickly rushed to him to check onhim."what's wrong with you Chris?" She asked."i don't really know, i have pains all over and a seriousheadache. I'm feeling cold and weak too and the worst of itis that i can feel my heart beat faster than usual, Mansa i'mgetting sick. " Chris told the biggest lie of the century."let me get you some drugs from the first aid kit." Mansasaid."Yeah, before you do that, kindly help me to my room"saidChris.Mansa helped Chris up, and slowly walked him into hisroom.Chris had succeeded. What was his next plan of action?Shortly after they went in, Mrs. Amposah came back lookingmore calmer now.Wherever she went must have been very helpful in calmingher down. She opened the door leading to the living roomand found a black polythene bag lying carelessly on theliving room carpet.She went and took it, only to find out that, it had thepregnancy test kit in it.Apparently, Mansa had left it behind when she was takingChris to his room.Mrs. Amposah wondered who it belonged to. She then wentstraight to Mansa's room but she was not there.She went to the kitchen but met her absence. She checkedthe whole house but Mansa was no where to be found.Mrs. Amposah then decided to go and check on his belovedson who must be worried about her with her strangeattitude earlier that morning.She went closer to Chris door, and pushed the door opened......continues in episode 10

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