Sunday, May 29, 2016

MANSA (episode 8)

Chris was not fast enough, Asabea noticed what he wastrying to do instantly."So you are at it again Chris? Asabea asked.Her voice woke Mansa up. She didn't realize that her buttonwas opened."what is going on here?" Mansa asked."Go to your room Mansa, sorry for disturbing you, we willtalk later. "Chris said. Mansa didn't hesitate and went intoher room."who is she? Asabea asked looking very furious."That's my sister. Anyway why didn't you tell me you werecoming here? Chris said."Must i tell you before coming here? Anyway am here for adifferent purpose" Asabea said
."what is it? Chris asked."well, i have missed my period. She said."Meaning? Chris asked."Chris, am 2 months pregnant" Asabea revealed."Look, why do you always get yourself pregnant and get meinvolved all the time, deal with it girl" Chris angrily said." i suppose the Holy Spirit descended on me and got mepregnant right? listen to me carefully, am not ready foranother abortion. You better be ready to be a father orelsethe whole world will know about this" Asabea cautioned him.Chris found it funny and said" listen, you are going to get rid of that baby, whether youlike it or not""Oh really, watch me" Asabea said and walked out on him."Asabea, Asabea, Hey Asabea come back here" Chris calledbut Asabea ignored him completely and went away.Chris stood there lost in his thoughts and was wonderingwhat Asabea was up to.Now, ever since Mr. Amposah passed away, though he waswealthy and left a lot of property behind, some how thefinancial status was awkwardly dropping.Apparently, Mrs. Amposah had been spending alot. she hadsold Two mansions that Mr. Amposah had left behind.As to what she was spending her money on, became aquestion without an answer. Within a few month, she hadsold 3 cars and yet the returns of the selling never reflectedon her in anyway.Kuu became suspicious of this and wondered what hermother was using all those money for.As if that was not enough, monies were been taken out ofthe church's coffers without any form of accountability.It was obvious that Mrs. Amposah was clearly behindthis.This spending was becoming too much that Kuu decided toask his Mum of what was really going on.The only answer his mother could give was that she wasmaking an investment which required a lot of deposit.That was an obvious lie.One faithful day, Kuu found GHC5000 withdrawal fromhismother's check book. This prompted him that his motherwas up to something.He then became very determined to find out what was goingon.One night, Mansa had a strange dream. She saw Mr.Amposah standing right on his grave dressed in black suitand a white clerical.He was in tears.In the dream, he wanted to communicate with Mansa,but itwas very difficult for Mansa to hear him out.All she could hear was"it wasn't my time, it wasn't my time"Out of fear, Mansa woke up with goose bumps all over her.It was midnight by then and everyone was totally asleep.The whole place was quiet. However Mansa felt she wasbeen watched.All of a sudden, she was over shadowed by fear and beganshivering.Coincidentally,she felt like throwing up but ignored itinitially.Before she knew, she had already gone to the washroomvomiting.She instantly felt different. She then suspected that she waspregnant......continues in episode 9

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