Monday, May 30, 2016

MANSA (episode 14)

"What, Chris you are not telling me something" Mansa said."I guess you're surprised right, Mansa? I know whatever isgoing on as much as i know the father of that child you arecarrying" Chris said."Why do you think he ran away? Its for no other reason thanthe baby. Kuu you know, is a coward. He couldn't takeresponsibility of his actions, that's why he ran when youneeded him most. That's why I'm here, ready to shower youwith my love irrespective of the baby in your womb. " Chriscontinued.Mansa couldn't take it anymore. This was too much for her."Stop it Chris! just stop it! I don't wanna listen anymore"Mansa said with her eyes filled with tears.Chris didn't bother, he kept continuing." Do you really want to know how it all happened? I canprove
it to you Mansa. Kuu is not who you think he is"Chrissaid." I say stop it! Get out of my room now, just get out" Mansasaid.At this moment, she was weeping bitterly.She didn't even know what to believe. If it was really true,then why would Kuu do such a thing to her?Chris sounded so convincing but what really got Mansaconfused that Chris handed over her phone to her, the onethe rapist had taken."Fine, i will go, take this, i took it from Kuu's room" Chrissaid and handed over the phone to her. He then left her tobattle with her thought.He knew someway, somehow, he had succeeded in trying toconvince Mansa that Kuu was the one who raped her.Chrishas gotten Mansa in an uncomfortable position, the exactplace where he wanted. He knew that, sooner Mansa willcome to him seeking for answers.As to whether Chris was telling the truth, its only timetimewill tell.Mansa was in complete shock and confused.Mansa began putting the pieces together. She asked herselfso many questions.Was Kuu really capable of doing that?She thought.Meanwhile, Mrs Amposah and Obed were still battlingoutwith marriage issues.Obed was not ready to marry Mansa and Mrs Amposah keptpersuading him into marrying her for her own personalgains.Mrs Amposah gave a weird option that, If Obed won't marryMansa for now,then she is not going stay with her. .The only option for him is to take Mansa along.That was a difficult decision that Obed had to take, hedidn'texpect this outcome but he had everything under control.Once they settle on the agreement, Mrs Amposah calledback Mansa."I have spoken to your boyfriend, and we both agreed thatyou are not going to continue stay here. You're moving inwith him right away, i don't expect any questions from you.Just go back to your room and start packing yourbelongings" Mrs Amposah said.Mansa looked surprised as Mrs Amposah was telling her allthese. But the look on Obed's face gave her the assurancethat she can trust him with whatever he was doing.There was this other side of her that she wanted to stay in thehouse. At least, she would be able to find out more fromChris concerning her rape case.However, she needed to update Obed on what Chris hadrevealed to her.Without waisting anytime, Mansa quickly went to her roomto pack her belongings.Mrs Amposah and Obed waited for her at the living room.The place was filled with silence as they both ingnored eachother until Obed asked a strange question."Mrs Amposah, can i ask you a question? Its a personalquestion but i would like you to answer me" Obed asked."Sure, go ahead" Mrs Amposah gave him the go ahead."Thank you very much, I'm sure you were aware of howmuch your husband loved you and even left his betrothedwife to be for you?" Obed revealedMrs Amposah got shocked as no one in the family knewabout what Obed was saying except for her and her latehusband."How did you know that? Mrs Amposah asked."I know more than you can think of and i also know that youhave spent almost the entire money in the joint account youand your husband created, but what I'm yet to find out iswhy you are paying Riri those huge sum of money" Obedrevealed.Mrs. Amposah got scared as Obed seems to have known allher movements and actions.Before she could ask any further questions, Mansa cameout with her luggage.Obed quickly stood up and helped her with it as they walkedout of the living room.Mrs Amposah was still in shock with what Obed had said.What got her more frighten was what Obed told her beforeleaving finally with Mansa."Its a small world Mrs. Amposah, I'm watching you" Obedsaid and left with Mansa......continues in episode 15
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