Monday, May 30, 2016

MANSA (episode 13)

Obed and Mansa were up to something. Whatever it was,Mrs. Amposah was definitely not happy about it.You could tell the surprise on Mrs. Amposah's face. Shedidn't believe her ears."Mansa, since when have you known this man? Besides, heis just a new member in the church" Mrs Amposah asked.Mansa was about answering her when Obed interrupted."Mrs Amposah, i think i need to have a conversation withyou ." Obed said."Oh yes, we really need to do that. Mansa, excuse us" MrsAmposah said instructing Mansa.Mansa left them and went into her room.To her surprise she found a note on her bed. It was fromKuu. She opened and read it.Back at the
living room, Mrs Amposah and Obed had beguntheir serious conversation."Mrs Amposah, i know you may find this surprising but ihave actually known Mansa for long even before i joined thechurch. She is very dear to me and i take the responsibilityof the pregnancy. " Obed said.From Mrs Amposah's view, she saw Obed to be a verywealthy young man. She felt that probably, Obed will beanother source of income if she was able to lure Obed intomarrying Mansa.After all, she is pregnant and per their church's doctrines,one needs to marry before conceiving a child but inMansa's case, it was not that easy. The only thing to absorbher was to get Obed to marry Mansa.Her attitude then changed all of sudden. She began actingnicely and welcoming."Good, Mansa is a very good girl. She will be a good wife"Mrs Amposah said.Obed's face changed, this wasn't definitely part of theirplan. She was actually talking about marriage here.However Obed was too smart for that."Mrs Amposah, i think marriage is a bit sudden. I believetaking responsibility of the child and Mansa herself isenough to keep her life back on track. When its comes toMarriage, readiness must be very vital" Obed said.Mrs Amposah was not happy about the response Obedgave. She doesn't want him to take only the responsibility ofthe Child but also to marry her as well.With that, she could get rid of Mansa entirely and alsousethat to gain money that she had already been spending."Look, i hope you know the implications of what you aredoing? You know Mansa very well and her role at church. Ifshe does not get married, per our church's doctrines, shewill be relinquished from all her positions and aside that, shewill be made to sit at the back and personally, i won't stayunder the same roof with such a person. I don't think youwant something like that to happen to her." Mrs Amposahsaid.This was a bit hard for Obed to take, it was true about thechurch's doctrines but he wondered why such things were inplace. Is the church meant for righteous people? That's aquestion which needs to be answered.Mansa on the other hand was wondering what the note Kuuhad left behind meant.Its reads:"I'm really sorry Mansa, But i have to go. In the right time,you will understand"She stood there wondering where Kuu had gone to, beforeshe realized Chris had come into her room without evenknocking.Mansa got upset seeing him taking into consideration all hehad done that morning.Trying to get her into sleeping with him and even to theextent of lying to his mother that she was the one forcingherself on him." What are you doing here Chris? Get out of my room beforei scream" Mansa said."Please listen to me, forgive me but Mansa i need youtohear me out on this please"Chris pleaded.That wasn't enough for Mansa, she even got angry themore."I should have known all this while, you cunning snake. Youbecame so nice to me just because you wanted to satisfyyour lustful desire. May God forgive you. I can't believe iwas this stupid. " Mansa said raising her voice."Calm down Mansa, calm down, I'm really sorry for thiswhole thing, i am sorry, just hear me out please. I beg ofyou". Chris kept pleading.Mansa was silent, as angry as she was, her soft heartalways had a way through her.She was quiet for some few seconds and said to Chris"You have 2 minutes, so you better start talking"Chris quickly went on with it."Mansa, i have a confession, i know we may have started ona wrong foot but i have actually not felt this way withanyone. I love you Mansa. I know ethically its wrongconsidering the fact that I'm your foster brother, but hey,who can decide who to be in love with, It just happensnaturally. Mansa, i really do love you. I know you may bepregnant but it doesn't change anything, I really love you"Chris said.As touching as Chris's word was, Mansa found it funny."and i suppose you want me to just accept your proposaland jump into your arms as your girlfriend when you aresupposed to be my brother. where were you when Kuu wasbeing supportive all this while? Look, i believe you aredonetalking? Get out of my room" Mansa said."You are talking about Kuu being supportive, that's veryfunny. I don't blame you. That's how you have made himseen you." Chris said."What do you mean by that, and how have you made meseen you, a liar and a snake?" Mansa said, but this timearound more furious."Look girl, you better calm down. What if i tell you I'm awareyou have been raped and i know the one who did it"Chris revealed.Now that got the attention of Mansa. Her face just lightedup with shock."What! Chris you are not telling me something" Mansa said......continues in episode 14

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