Sunday, May 29, 2016

MANSA (episode 11)

"Chris you are the only guy i have ever known. If its throughsex that i got infected, then its from you" Asabea said.Chris quickly held Asabea's hand and led her to thecompound of the house. He didn't want his mother tohearanything about the test."Look, you need to keep your voice down yea! My mother isin there" Chris said."Chris, I'm not in the mood for your mum's drama, I needanswers Chris!!" Asabea said with a louder tone.Chris then took GHC500 out of his pocket and gave it toAsabea.Take this, I promise to be at your end tonight so we talkabout it. Please do this for me, Chris said."Chris, if you don't show up, you wouldn't like what willhappen next" Asabea cautioned him
."This test result is equally important to me as it is to you sotrust me on this, i will be there" Chris reassured her.Asabea walked out on him still sobbing a little.One amazing thing was, Chris never showed any sign thathe was surprised about the news.Its seemed he was already aware of his HIV status.He was actually not bothered about the news. All he wasworried of was how to keep the news away from hismother.As Chris was going back into the house he suddenly sawMansa running out of the house.Chris tried asking where she was going to but Mansaignored him and went out of the house.Soon after, Mrs. Amposah came out but she was too late tostop Mansa from running out of the house, she had alreadygone by then."Prostitute, witch, come back here and you will see.Hypocrite." Mrs Amposah shouted as she came out."Mum, what is it? Chris asked."Chris, can you imagine? That girl is pregnant." His mothersaid."Mansa? pregnant? Chris asked" and who is responsible for her pregnancy? He continued." That's what she is refusing to tell me, she just ran outwhile I was asking." Mrs Amposah said."Mum, lets wait for her to return. Kuu and I will talk to her"Chris suggested."You better do" Mrs Amposah said and went back into thehouse with Chris.Chris again was not surprised that Mansa was pregnant. Itsseems he had a lot of things hidden in the dark.Nothing seems to amaze him. Its either he was alreadyaware or he was just not bothered.Mansa on the other hand, just ran into the church room andknelt before the altar crying.She looked up into the heavens and began praying. Tearskept running down her cheeks.Her prayer was so loud that Obed who was sitting on one ofthe pews heard everything she was lamenting about.Mansa didn't even realise that Obed was sitting there.Hewas a new member in the church and an organist.He joined the church just about a week ago, but in no time,with his exceptional talent almost everyone knew him.He was also there to pray, and was actually reading thebible when Mansa ran in.Obed was a regular guy but with a lot of charisma. It seemshe was just perfect with everything he did.No one knew where he came from or where he stayed.However anytime his help was needed, Obed was not hardto find. In a nut shell, Obed was very secretive.He sat down and listened to Mansa. After some fewminutes, Mansa was totally silent. She had stopped prayingand was lying beneath the altar.Obed stood up and went to her. He took her by the hand andsaid"God, has listened to your prayers, wipe off your tears andbe thankful to him instead"His hand felt cold and there was something about him thatmade Mansa feel that she had known him for long.As much as he is a total stranger to Mansa, there wassomething about him that made him look familiar. Mansacouldn't just figure out what that was.His words were so comforting and assuring. Those wordswere enough to make Mansa involuntarily smile, as ifeverything was alright.....continues in episode 12

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