Friday, May 20, 2016


Tope sighted her and she said to me. “Pleasehide,don’t let her see you.”I then hid behind the canteen and after about15minutes she left the place. Tope then came tomeet me and said. “Sorry about it.”I then said. “Its’s okay, no sweat. Your momisstrict right?”She said. “No she’s not. I am preparing forJAMBexams and seeing me with a guy would upsether.”I then said to her. “Then why are you hereworkingin the canteen? You should be attendinglessonsnow.”She said. “My elder sister is not feeling toofineand she’s the one in charge of the canteen.Yesterday was my first day
here.”I asked her. “What course do you intend tostudy?”She said. “Biochemistry.”I said to her. “I finished with a first cla*s inChemical Engineering. if you need anya*sistance Iwill be glad to help you.”She said. “Wow, that will be nice. I have aproblemwith chemistry and physics. You must be agenius.”I laughed and said. “No I am not, I just lovetoread my books a lot. It takes hard work andpersistence to be successful. My dad is aProfessor and my mom is a Judge, they reallyencouraged me.”We finished cleaning up and I decided to walkherhome which she agreed. As we walked, wetalkedabout our families and she opened up aboutthechallenges she faced gaining admission, beingtheonly child among-st her sibbllings privilegedtoattend higher institution. I was so bent inmakingher pa*s her JAMB and I promised her I wouldteach her through.I convinced her to tell her mom she needed toprepare for her exams and that she won’t beableto continue with the running of the canteen.Themom eventually succ*mbed and she got areplacement. I made an arrangement withTope, forher to be coming to my place 4:00pmMondays toFridays and 1:000pm on Saturdays, which sheagreed. My intentions were sincere, but with alittlethoughts of side attractions. In spite of beingattracted to her, I wanted her more thananythingto pa*s her JAMB exams this timearound……….art..
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