Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nigeria: Buhari Vows To Send All Corrupt Politicians To Kirikiri Prison

Former Head of State and All
Progressives Congress presidential
candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu
Buhari (retd.), has assured Nigerians
that all corrupt politicians will end up in
jail once he is elected into power.
Gen. Buhari, who gave the assurance
on Tuesday during the APC rally and
the presentation of the party's
governorship flag to Umana Umana as
its candidate in Akwa Ibom State in
Uyo, said he would close all loopholes
through which money was being
siphoned out of the country.
"When we come into power, anyone
who steals Nigerian money will end up
in Kirikiri Maximum Prisons. We are
going to make sure that Nigeria's
wealth belongs only to Nigerians," he
He decried the overdependence of
Nigeria on oil, saying that the country
would not have faced the economic
downturn if the country had invested in
According to Buhari, Nigeria used to
export tin and columbite but all of a
sudden, it stopped producing and
exporting these minerals with the
belief that the country has oil.
On the power sector, Buhari stated
that many industries had shut down
operation because of epileptic power
He noted that Nigerian producers were
not able to compete in the
international market because of huge
cost of generating alternative power.
Buhari, who was a former military Head
of State, assured Nigerians that his
government would create over three
million jobs yearly to take care of the
jobless youths.
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