Friday, January 23, 2015

Kano APC In Disarray, Kwankwasiya Movment To Support Jonathan

Indications are rife that all is not well
with the Kano state chapter of the
All Progressives Congress ( APC ), as
a result of a cold war between the
Kano State governor, Alh . Rabiu
Kwankwaso and the party's
presidential Flagbearer, Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari
The crisis which has already began
to polarise the party along loyalty
lines has been blamed on what
watchers claim high handedness by
the presidential aspirant. They
allege that Gen. Buhari has refused
to recognise any other power bloc
within the party especially the
Kwankwasiya movement which is
acclaimed to be one of the biggest
blocs in the party nationwide.
Political watchers have attributed his
refusal to handover the party's flag
to the state governorship aspirant,
Alh. Umar Ganduje during the just
concluded presidential rally, as a fall
out of this feud as he was not to
disposed to Ganduje ' s emergence
owing to the latter's membership of
the Kwankwasiya.
This rivalry many believe has been
in existence since the founding of
the APC where legacy members of
the party were not comfortable with
the newcomers whom they claimed
had come to take their place. It has
also been gathered that the lack of
trust between Kwankwaso and
Buhari may stem from the latter's
comments in 2010 when he called
the General a serial coupist.
Speaking exclusively to our
correspondent, Mallam Tanko Bamali
a party stalwart lamented the
situation, according to him since
Buhari's entrance into the party due
to merger, the opposition has
become divided and even caused
defection of major stakeholders in
He further lamented that they had
expected that after these years of
venturing into politics, Buhari should
have realised the difference
between dictatorship and
democracy, to adopt democratic
"Mai Gaskiya is not a bad man, his
problem is that he fails to realise
that this is politics and you don't
always have your way, you allow the
people decide, but he always insists
on what he wants as if he is still in
the army. It is this same character
that cost him his presidency in
previous attempts". He
Meanwhile, rumours are rife in
the state that members ofthe
Kwankwasiya movement, are
already signifhing their disdain
for the behaviour displayed by
Buhari during the visit and have
begun strategising towards
delivering their governorship
candidate Alh. Umar Ganduje
while supporting Goodluck
Jonathan for the presidency.
However sources close to the
Kano state governor, Mallam
Rabiu Kwankwaso, have
revealed that the governor has
since been moving around
pillars of his cult like
followership to calm their
nerves so as to abate failure in
the February polls.
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