Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I’ll Expose Failures Of Ex-heads Of State – Jonathan

PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan,
yesterday, pleaded with Nigerians to
vote him in for a second term on
account of his achievements in the
last six years.
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
candidate, while inaugurating the
Goodluck/Sambo 2015 Presidential
Campaign Organisation, PCO, at the
PDP Presidential Campaign office,
Legacy House, Maitama, Abuja
promised to unfold to Nigerians what
his government has done in the last
couple of years that presidents and
heads of state before him could not
I will expose my predecessors'
failings –Jonathan
Jonathan promised to expose the
failings of his predecessors including
Buhari, which stunted the country's
growth and development.
Former Military President, Ibrahim
Babangida had described his
government as saintly compared to
successive administrations in terms
of prevalence of corruption, just as
former President Olusegun
Obasanjo, on Monday, took a swipe
at President Jonathan, accusing him
among other things of squandering $
55 billion crude oil savings left
behind by his Administration.
President Jonathan, who noted
that his administration has
performed more than the
previous ones with the nation's
economy as the largest in
Africa, said: "When we start
campaigns, we will confront
them with what we have done
as a government, we will tell
them what they did not do
when they were heads of state.
Some people want to still keep
these children as shoe cleaners,
we must lift them up. Our
children should not be used as
cannon folders. They should be
allowed to move forward to be
governors like us.
"We have everything it takes to run
an excellent and victorious
campaign. Our great party has
demonstrated to Nigerians that it is
the party with the broadest appeal.
We are the strongest and the
biggest. We have engaged the
people of Nigeria positively with
people-friendly policies, which have
moved Nigeria forward."
He continued: "We have sustained
the democratic tradition. We have
strengthened democratic
institutions. We inherited a rather
complex security challenge but we
are waging a determined war
against it. We are succeeding in
preventing terrorists and insurgents
from turning more of our
communities into enclaves for their
dastardly activities.
"We remain fully committed to
further empowering the security
agencies to enable them win the war
against terror. We have proven to
the people that we are a party and a
team that they can rely upon.
We have achieved much in four
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