Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"As For Me And My Household,We Will Vote For President Jonathan": Comedian Bovi

As a result of the current intense
political atmosphere in Nigeria with
its associated unethical
campaigns and rivalry between PDP
and APC, Comedian Bovi has urged
Nigerians to "save the insults and
bickering" because
"in politics, there is no permanent
friend and no permanent enemy".
In a statement released on his IG
page ,he said as for him and his
family,they will vote for president
Jonathan. He transcribed a short
video of a recent conversation
between President Jonathan and
Buhari, and attached a message to
Read the transcribed message and
his advice to Nigerians below...
Gmb - Good morning Mr.
President GEJ -Good morning sir.
Gmb -how are you mr President?
GEJ- fine thank you sir.
Gmb and GEJ together- how is
the campaign going?
Then laughter from both men.
Fellow Nigerians, vote for whom
you will vote. Save the insults
and bickering. In politics,
there's no permanent friend, no
permanent enemy. But there's
permanent interest. Spend your
time promoting your candidate.
Insults are like mess in this
game, stinks only for a while. It
can never form poo. If you know
the history of Buhari and IBB,
you will marvel at the fact that
both men can sit together
today. If you know the history
of ffk, you will marvel that he's
working for GEJ today. Don't
fight! Just let the ballot speak.
"As for me and my household, we
are voting GEJ"
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