Friday, December 19, 2014

Tonto Dike: I'm Confused On Why Christmas Is Celebrated On The 25th

Most people are as confused as the
actress Nollywood actress Tonto
Dikeh said she is confused about
why Christmas is celebrated on
December 25. According to her,
from Genesis to Revelation, there is
no place it was written that Jesus
Christ was born on December
25th,she is confused that she is
throwing the discussion open.
She stated:
"Today Discussion-: Palz I'm kinda
confused!! Why iz it Christmas
(Jesus buffday) iz been celebrated
on December 25th? Cuz frm d book
of Genesis to Revelation derz no
place it waz written Jesus Christ waz
born December 25th, so why
December 25th? #Easy Lion Easy
Tiger #Poko#
So, what do you think, was Jesus
Christ actually born on December
25th? Help Tonto Dikeh if you have
any idea...
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