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Annie's words 3years ago About 2face! Will this still be her confession now that they are married ?

Since that stunning lover-girl role she
played in 2face's African Queen video,
Annie Macaulay caught the attention of
the entertainment industry.
Everyone wanted to know who the
damsel on the power bike with 2Face
was, especially when reports hit the
streets that these two were actually
dating. But later events was to change a
lot of things as two other separate
women came into the picture. And
before Annie could say 2, both ladies
were totting 2face's babies almost
shutting the door in Annie's face.
Today, Annie is the mother of Isabella, a
two year old -daughter she had for
Last weekend, she was one of the guests
at a 2Face tribute event tagged "Touch
of a Genius held in honour of the 'Enter
the place crooner', held in Lekki, Lagos.
Showtime celebrity was able to engage
her, where she talks about her career
and relationship with Tuface Idibia.
This is a tribute to 2Face, how do you
see the event?
It's really wonderful. We didn't expect it
to eventually turn out this way but it has
been one tremendous night. It's really
wonderful. You need to see his face, he's
all smiles, and giggling; he is dancing, so
happy and it's been such a beautiful
night. He's so happy and I feel so
wonderful to be a part of this.
Tell us how it has been for you with
I want to make one fact clear. 2Face has
got his own life to live while I've got
mine to live too. That's exactly my
position, regardless of what people
might be saying about us. I'm going to
concentrate on looking after myself and
my daughter in spite of what is going on
between me and him. It's that simple.
How would you describe your
relationship with 2face?
We are still very close to each other. As
you can see, I accompanied him to this
event and we are sitting together. That
tells you, we are still inseparable. After
all, he is still the father of my daughter
so what else do you expect to hear from
me. But then again, I repeat we both
have our own independent lives to live.
He does what he wants to do with his
life, while I'll do what I want to do with
my own life.
Pardon me, but you still appear to be
bitter; possibly angry at him. Is it
because you feel he betrayed you?
Why will I think that way. Like I said
earlier, he has got his life to live as well
as I have got mine to live. He is free to
do whatever he wants to do with his life.
If I have not forgiven 2Face of the
wrongs I feel he had done to me in the
past, perhaps, I wouldn't have been here
to support him tonight.
I realised I mustn't think of myself alone
but my daughter as well. What
happened is between I and her father.
She shouldn't be allowed to suffer for it
and please I don't want to talk about this
any further.
But people…?
Please no more. Please.
How close is he to your daughter?
(Her face brightens again) Oh! They are
virtually inseparable. He is very close to
her. She just had to here on this special
night with him, and that's partly why I'm
here too. They are as close as any father
and daughter could be. And they will
remain so for a very long time to come, I
assure you.
Again, how are you finding things,
knowing fully well that you will always be
linked to 2Face and the media will
forever be at your heels?
Yes, it's hard. But I'm a strong woman
and I will continue to be there for my
daughter. I really don't care what is
being said or written about me or my
relationship with 2 Face anymore. I tell
you I don't care. I will continue to stay
strong. He has his own life to live and I
have mine. I have things that I am doing
and I thank God for that. I have my
hands full right now I don't have time to
think about anything else.
What are these things you are actually
busy with?
I'm acting, I have my own Television
show and I'm also into private
businesses. So, I have my hands pretty
filled with activities.
Are you currently on any location?
I've been on set for days now, and I'm
actually coming from location. I'm
starring in two movies at the same time,
so, I'm pretty busy. I just had to be here
to support 2Face.
Where are you shooting?
In Lagos. Somewhere in Festac and
What are the movie titles?
I can't say for now. But you should know
the way our movies producers are. You
never know the title until it's out. But
then, I have a couple of my featured
movies already out in the market. It's a
handful and they are doing pretty well in
the market.
Do you plan to sing too?
No. I'm not going into singing. I have my
TV show and I also have another project
in the pipeline. It's like a reality TV show.
My daughter is going to be involved in it
too. So, my hands are filled up and that
is why I tell you I cannot be bothered by
what is going on around me, or what
people are saying or not saying about
me or anybody else.
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