Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Angela phillips Says she is Single because some males ain't Man enough!

Popular Nollywood actress, Angela
Philips, who has been very popular with
her superlative acting prowess both on
home videos and in soap operas, is yet
to get a man of her choice as some men
prefer ladies with big bums and
cleavages without considering the
humility of the woman.
Angela noted that she is seriously single
and searching, adding that it is not about
being selective but meeting the right
She explained people keep saying there
is no right person anymore, but it is
about meeting the person who accepts
the person the way he/she is without any
According to her, "But many Nigerian
men will tell you they can't marry an
actress given the fact that we actresses
are too exposed. I am sorry to say that
some men are not just man enough.
Some of them are not bold enough, they
would say, "Haa, I can't marry her o, she
is too beautiful and exposed, other men
would also be interested in her if I marry
her." So, meeting somebody who will
know the real you is the thing about
On her relaxation style since still single,
the actress disclosed that she likes
reading, cooking and any good gospel
music, noting that secular music does
not make any impart in her life.
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