Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Angela phillips Says she is Single because some males ain't Man enough!

Popular Nollywood actress, Angela
Philips, who has been very popular with
her superlative acting prowess both on
home videos and in soap operas, is yet
to get a man of her choice as some men
prefer ladies with big bums and
cleavages without considering the
humility of the woman.
Angela noted that she is seriously single
and searching, adding that it is not about
being selective but meeting the right
She explained people keep saying there
is no right person anymore, but it is
about meeting the person who accepts
the person the way he/she is without any
According to her, "But many Nigerian
men will tell you they can't marry an
actress given the fact that we actresses
are too exposed. I am sorry to say that
some men are not just man enough.
Some of them are not bold enough, they
would say, "Haa, I can't marry her o, she
is too beautiful and exposed, other men
would also be interested in her if I marry
her." So, meeting somebody who will
know the real you is the thing about
On her relaxation style since still single,
the actress disclosed that she likes
reading, cooking and any good gospel
music, noting that secular music does
not make any impart in her life.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Buhari and islam issues

After being called a religious bigot and
there are even claims that he has plans
to Islamise Nigeria when elected as
president. Former head of state ,
Muhammadu Buhari, has categorically
dismissed these allegations . He
declared that Nigeria remains his only
constituency. The APC presidential
candidate made this clarification in a
statement issued by his spokesman,
Rotimi Fashakin. The statement reads :
"As a state governor, military
commander, federal minister, head of
state and chairman of the Petroleum
Trust Fund, (Buhari) showed
unflinching commitment to fairness to
all, irrespective of religion and tribe.As
a former head of government,
[Buhari] restates unequivocally that
Nigeria is his constituency; and he
shall live the rest of his life in
encouraging the ambience for
nationalistic fervor in all Nigerians."
Buhari further expressed regret that the
Nigerian state has become polarized
along ethnic and religious lines as a
result of cancerous infestation of the
nation's fabric by insurgency. He
however restated his commitment to
Nigeria's indivisibility and indissolubility.
The statement reads further:
"The preservation of the inalienable
rights of every Nigerian to life, and
pursuit of happiness in any part of the
nation state remains the hearty
commitment of the elder statesman.All
the narratives that seek to fit him within
the hollowness of ethno-religious garb
are very infernal and unmindful of his
antecedents as an officer, gentleman,
and statesman," it asserted.

Friday, December 26, 2014

what Boxing Day is all about

Despite its name, Boxing Day, which is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain, has nothing to do with pugilistic competition. Nor is it a day for people to return unwanted Christmas presents. While the exact origins of the holiday are obscure, it is likely that Boxing Day began in Englandduring the Middle Ages.
Some historians say the holiday developed because servants were required to work on Christmas Day, but took the following day off. As servants prepared to leave to visit their families, their employers would present them with gift boxes.
Church Alms Boxes
Another theory is that the boxes placed in churches where parishioners deposited coins for the poor were opened and the contents distributed on December 26, which is also the Feast of St. Stephen.
As time went by, Boxing Day gift giving expanded to include those who had rendered a service during the previous year. This tradition survives today as people give presents to tradesmen, mail carriers, doormen, porters, and others who have helped them.
The Day after Christmas
Boxing Day is December 26, the day after Christmas, and is celebrated in Great Britain and in most areas settled by the English (the U.S. is the major exception), including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
Bank Holidays
Boxing Day is just one of the British bank holidaysrecognized since 1871 that are observed by banks, government offices, and the post office. The others include Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Whitmonday (the day after Pentecost), and the banking holiday on the last Monday in August.
St. Stephen's Martyrdom
The Feast of St. Stephen also takes place on December 26. St. Stephen was one of the seven original deacons of the Christian Church who were ordained by the Apostles to care for widows and the poor. For the success of his preaching and his devotion to Christ, St. Stephen was stoned to death by a mob. As he died, he begged God not to punish his killers.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Saint Obis works for president GoodlucK jonathan ?

Nollywood actor,Saint Obiis reportedly working as a media consultant for PresidentGoodluck Jonathan.
He is currently planning "ingenious" strategies for the president's re-election in 2015, Daily Times NGreports.
"Despite the security challenges in the country, which will certainly end very soon, no Nigerian President had performed better than President Goodluck Jonathan in terms of first 3 years as President. This is a fact, not the falsehood circulated by 2015 power seeking propagandists…"he reportedly said.
Obi is rumoured to have recently purchased a bullet proof 2014 G65 AGM Mercedes Benz worth N46million. Many are said to have questioned his ability to buy such an extravagant vehicle, seeing as he hasn't acted in movies in a long time, reportsstate. Some attribute his alleged new found wealth to his new position.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tunubu ask the President Jonathan to resign

A national leader of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) and former Lagos State
Governor, Senator Bola Tinubu has
renewed his verbal attacks at President
Goodluck Jonathan, describing his
administration as a failure.
According to the APC chieftain, the
President's incessant excuses to
Nigerians is testament to his inability to
continue to preside over the affairs of
the nation and urged him to resign.
Tinubu made the remarks on Friday, in
Benin City, while commissioning the new
six lane New Lagos Road and the
Ewohimi Hospital in Esan South East of
Edo State.
He said: "A nation fails because of the
leadership failures, if there is a good
leader at the top, a nation will not fail.
Because the fish start getting rotten
from the head. The poverty, insecurity,
unemployment which we are witnessing
today in this country is because the head
has failed.
"Let them stop giving us excuses that
Boko Haram is in my government, fish
them out. That we have saboteurs in the
military, you are admitting failure. No
excuse of failure, Mr President we chose
you to lead this country, resign if you
cannot enough of the excuses".
Tinubu, who described Governor Adams
Oshiomhole as a man of honour and one
capable of leading Nigeria, pointed out
that the governor's developmental
strides in Edo state is an indication that
the APC has a reservoir of credible
people capable of becoming president.
"Many people like you would have fell
into the temptation of naira and kobo.
But you stood for the progress of Edo
state. We share in common the
determination to make progress, you
had the opportunity to be in labour
party, you had that option clearly, but
you chose to be with the progressives
that you know", Tinubu added.

Friday, December 19, 2014

I’ll Do Everything Possible For Jonathan To Win In 2015 – Lamido

Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa on
Thursday affirmed that he would do
everything possible to support the
re-election of President Goodluck
Jonathan in the 2015 polls.
Mr. Lamido stated this in Dutse
during a meeting to unveil campaign
programmes for the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, candidates
seeking elective position in the
"I had a frank discussion with the
president today in Abuja and I am
convinced that he will redeem his
pledges; therefore, I will support
"Like I have always said, I don't do
politics based on religion or
ethnicity; a PDP man in Enugu state
is closer to me than an All
Progressives Congress (APC) man in
Bamaina my village," he said.
He said that his support for the
president was based on his
(Jonathan) commitment to fulfilling
all campaign promises made to the
state in 2011.
The governor disclosed that
Jonathan had assured him that the
Federal Government would refund
the money spent by the state
government to construct Dutse
International Airport.
He added that the president also
promised to rehabilitate and
complete the Hadejia Irrigation
Scheme and the Gaya-Jahun-Miga
road project, respectively, recalling
that they were part of his campaign
promises. (NAN)

Tonto Dike: I'm Confused On Why Christmas Is Celebrated On The 25th

Most people are as confused as the
actress Nollywood actress Tonto
Dikeh said she is confused about
why Christmas is celebrated on
December 25. According to her,
from Genesis to Revelation, there is
no place it was written that Jesus
Christ was born on December
25th,she is confused that she is
throwing the discussion open.
She stated:
"Today Discussion-: Palz I'm kinda
confused!! Why iz it Christmas
(Jesus buffday) iz been celebrated
on December 25th? Cuz frm d book
of Genesis to Revelation derz no
place it waz written Jesus Christ waz
born December 25th, so why
December 25th? #Easy Lion Easy
Tiger #Poko#
So, what do you think, was Jesus
Christ actually born on December
25th? Help Tonto Dikeh if you have
any idea...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Olamide Shines again

Olamide shines again in the just concluded headies award after taken home
Best Rap Album – Baddest Guy Ever
Liveth by Olamide.

Kudos to this Guy once again!

Annie's words 3years ago About 2face! Will this still be her confession now that they are married ?

Since that stunning lover-girl role she
played in 2face's African Queen video,
Annie Macaulay caught the attention of
the entertainment industry.
Everyone wanted to know who the
damsel on the power bike with 2Face
was, especially when reports hit the
streets that these two were actually
dating. But later events was to change a
lot of things as two other separate
women came into the picture. And
before Annie could say 2, both ladies
were totting 2face's babies almost
shutting the door in Annie's face.
Today, Annie is the mother of Isabella, a
two year old -daughter she had for
Last weekend, she was one of the guests
at a 2Face tribute event tagged "Touch
of a Genius held in honour of the 'Enter
the place crooner', held in Lekki, Lagos.
Showtime celebrity was able to engage
her, where she talks about her career
and relationship with Tuface Idibia.
This is a tribute to 2Face, how do you
see the event?
It's really wonderful. We didn't expect it
to eventually turn out this way but it has
been one tremendous night. It's really
wonderful. You need to see his face, he's
all smiles, and giggling; he is dancing, so
happy and it's been such a beautiful
night. He's so happy and I feel so
wonderful to be a part of this.
Tell us how it has been for you with
I want to make one fact clear. 2Face has
got his own life to live while I've got
mine to live too. That's exactly my
position, regardless of what people
might be saying about us. I'm going to
concentrate on looking after myself and
my daughter in spite of what is going on
between me and him. It's that simple.
How would you describe your
relationship with 2face?
We are still very close to each other. As
you can see, I accompanied him to this
event and we are sitting together. That
tells you, we are still inseparable. After
all, he is still the father of my daughter
so what else do you expect to hear from
me. But then again, I repeat we both
have our own independent lives to live.
He does what he wants to do with his
life, while I'll do what I want to do with
my own life.
Pardon me, but you still appear to be
bitter; possibly angry at him. Is it
because you feel he betrayed you?
Why will I think that way. Like I said
earlier, he has got his life to live as well
as I have got mine to live. He is free to
do whatever he wants to do with his life.
If I have not forgiven 2Face of the
wrongs I feel he had done to me in the
past, perhaps, I wouldn't have been here
to support him tonight.
I realised I mustn't think of myself alone
but my daughter as well. What
happened is between I and her father.
She shouldn't be allowed to suffer for it
and please I don't want to talk about this
any further.
But people…?
Please no more. Please.
How close is he to your daughter?
(Her face brightens again) Oh! They are
virtually inseparable. He is very close to
her. She just had to here on this special
night with him, and that's partly why I'm
here too. They are as close as any father
and daughter could be. And they will
remain so for a very long time to come, I
assure you.
Again, how are you finding things,
knowing fully well that you will always be
linked to 2Face and the media will
forever be at your heels?
Yes, it's hard. But I'm a strong woman
and I will continue to be there for my
daughter. I really don't care what is
being said or written about me or my
relationship with 2 Face anymore. I tell
you I don't care. I will continue to stay
strong. He has his own life to live and I
have mine. I have things that I am doing
and I thank God for that. I have my
hands full right now I don't have time to
think about anything else.
What are these things you are actually
busy with?
I'm acting, I have my own Television
show and I'm also into private
businesses. So, I have my hands pretty
filled with activities.
Are you currently on any location?
I've been on set for days now, and I'm
actually coming from location. I'm
starring in two movies at the same time,
so, I'm pretty busy. I just had to be here
to support 2Face.
Where are you shooting?
In Lagos. Somewhere in Festac and
What are the movie titles?
I can't say for now. But you should know
the way our movies producers are. You
never know the title until it's out. But
then, I have a couple of my featured
movies already out in the market. It's a
handful and they are doing pretty well in
the market.
Do you plan to sing too?
No. I'm not going into singing. I have my
TV show and I also have another project
in the pipeline. It's like a reality TV show.
My daughter is going to be involved in it
too. So, my hands are filled up and that
is why I tell you I cannot be bothered by
what is going on around me, or what
people are saying or not saying about
me or anybody else.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

omotola and genevieve not in talking terms ?

Real reasons Genevieve and
Omotola don't talk
Not many people know that screen
goddesses- Omotola Jalade-
Ekeinde and Genevieve Nnaji are
sworn enemies in real life. But the
interesting thing is that both of them
will always deny such reports.
Even sometimes in the
past, they employed
elaborate media
camouflage to hide the
fact that they are perhaps,
Nollywood's biggest rivals
since Clarion Chukwura
and Barbara Soky battled themselves
during Zeb Ejiro's Ripples a few years
Showbiz People gathered that the
rivalry between the two actresses
started over movie roles and the
contention between them over who is
Nigeria's biggest screen diva after Liz
Benson and Regina Askia quit the
stage some years ago. In 2003, the
battle between Genevieve and
Omotola reached a crescendo with
the explosion of Genevieve as the
hottest and most sought after actress
in Nigeria.
While Genevieve reigned, Omotola's
pals were always eager to pass scant
remarks on the Mbaise, Imo State-
born movie queen, describing her as a
"hustler", while also using other
uncomplimentary terms to qualify her.
The truth is that between 2002 and
2004, Genevieve grabbed most of the
leading roles in the movie industry,
leaving Omotola trailing behind.
As a reply to Genevieve's moving up
the ladder, Omotola increased her
appearance fees movies and became
the first in that category to earn
above N800,000. Genevieve later
caught up with Omotola and in 2003,
both ran neck-to-neck earning
between a fee of Nl million and N1.3
million. Again, Genevieve broke the
tie when she grabbed N3 million to do
a semi-nude movie; a whopping Nl.5
million above what Omotola received
in 2002 to star in the controversial
flick, "The Prostitute. "
Rumour merchants are
also quick to reveal that it
was at the Coal City of
Enugu that the rivalry took
a new dimension. As the
story goes, it was yuppie
producer, Tchidi Tchikere,
who played up the rivalry between
the two actresses. Most people
believe that Tchikere in 2002 and
2003, was the eastern marketers'
production choice and he settled for
Genevieve in his major flicks. By
2003, Tchikere was said to have
shifted his choice from Genevieve to
Omotola. But little did he know that
the duo were having a clash, with
Genevieve reportedly accusing
Omotola of using "extra" means to
become Tchikere's first choice actress
in 2003.It was Tchichi who paid
Omotola the first N800,000 and set
the tone for the fee's war between
Genevieve and Omotola.
But the war has only recently gone
personal, with both actresses
allegedly passing derisive remarks
about each other. In 2003, there were
media reports that both had a fight,
but the following week after the
reports, Omotola granted interviews
calling Genevieve "my sister", with
Genevieve doing the same thing in
another interview.
These days, Omotola's supporters are
quick to point out that Omotola is the
better of the two, what with her
stunning figure even after four kids.
Although Genevieve herself looks
smashing after one kid, but Omotola's
camp say her figure cannot be
matched by Genevieve should she be
in similar child bearing circumstance
as Omotola. Besides, they insist that
Genevieve is not material
enough without a husband and that
Omotola's wedding-in-the- air cannot
be rivalled yet. They even argue that
Genevieve, with all the razzmatazz,
has not been able to win The Movie
Awards (THEMA), which Omotola won
in 1997/98.
Genevieve's supporters are however
vocal in their praise of 'our' girl. They
flaunt her City People Awards for
Excellence as a proof that she is a big
star in her own right. They also beat
their chest that Genevieve was rated
number one between 2002 and 2004
in the industry. Above all, they point
to Genevieve's several modelling
roles and recognition within the
African continent, especially the Face
of Lux advert, which will eventually
hit the screen this year, while also
observing that Omotola's dress sense
is nothing compared to that of

Reasons Jim Ikye dumped me

She sounded absolutely distraught, and
utterly disconsolate. Her usual
exuberance, the bonhomie which she
wears like a badge of honor was missing
both in her voice and in her demeanor.
She was inconsolable, pained and
emotionally devastated. She had every
reason to feel that way.
For over six years, she had given her all
to a romance that had been celebrated,
touted and written about as one that
was made in heaven. For six years, they
had projected the image of a blissfully
happy couple that could do no wrong.
Her boyfriend of six years– the one that
is famously referred to as the 'Nollywood
bad boy', Jim Iyke has finally acted out
his moniker and it is not pretty at all.
"These days, I ask God: Why has thou
forsaken me? How can a man with whom
we had gone through the highs and the
lows-a man who had professed so much
undying love for me over the past six
years just walk away like that? I don't
know what happened and I wish I could
put a finger on it," Keturah had told me,
sounding sad and exasperated.
Their romance was strong, and Jim had
spoken severally of plans to walk down
the aisle with her. He had told me a
number of times that in Keturah, he had
found "a perfect mate – someone who
was "sexy, intellectually curious, exotic
and edgy." Keturah was known all over
the world as Jim Iyke's girlfriend – a wife
in waiting. They had traveled round the
world together, and she had stood by
him through most of the scandals that
have continued to trail his professional
and private life. Not
even when another woman claimed to
have dated Jim Iyke and later accused
him of battering her and a business deal
gone awry which was amplified in the
media, she didn't threaten to end the
Keturah Hamilton, the Jamaican-born
actress, model and business woman was
the partner tailor-made for Jim Iyke. She
had accepted and tolerated all of the
actor's 'foibles, issues and challenges'
and was determined to stick with him
through thick and thin."And then…Just
when we thought the wedding
invitations will soon be mailed out; just
when we thought the loving duo had
reached a point of no return in their
relationship, the news broke out that the
story book romance had ruptured; that
the center of the relationship could no
longer hold. Jim Iyke had 'bailed' out of
the affair and appeared to have acted
out some of the elements in their joint
reality show "Jim Iyke Unscripted." He
was said to have ended their six year-old
affair in a most emotionally callous way.
He simply walked away "without even a
phone call" recounted tearful Keturah.
"He took away six years of memories, of
support of love and all that I did for him-
just like that. How mean and callous can
one get?
Keturah also recounted how Jim Iyke
used and dumped her. "Jim was
supposed to come to New York and stay
for six months, during which time, he
would go to an acting school here in New
York and then we would move to Los
Angeles and get married and pursue our
acting dreams. I was looking forward to
that with eagerness and then he just
walked away."
Asked what could have been the reason
for such a change of heart, Keturah said
"We had problems like normal lovers do,
but we always resolved them amicably. I
know there was something Jim asked me
to do, which I didn't want to do right
away. But that should not have made
him to do what he did."
However, when pressed to reveal what it
was that Jim wanted her to do, she said
it was personal.
Keturah said she feels used and
dumped. "I played along in the reality
show as if I truly was a jealous and crazy
lover. It was an act, but now I feel as if
Jim set me up. He is a wicked man. I
stood by him through all his troubles and
tribulations. I helped bring him to the
limelight when the light of his career was
dimming. He is an ingrate and I leave
him to God."
One thing that seems to have pained
Keturah more than anything else is the
rumour making the rounds that Jim left
her for the Ghanaian actress, Nadia
Buari. "That is the rumour I have heard
and I know it is not just a rumour. They
have been hooking up in Ghana. They
were together at Tuface's wedding and
appear to be everywhere together. I just
can't believe Jim would be this
ungrateful – after all I have done for him.
I have not been able to accept this and I
am truly in a state of shock. If Jim could
treat me the way he did, after six years
of being there for him, supporting him,
encouraging him in all that he did, then I
wish Nadia the best of luck."
Meanwhile, Keturah has moved on with
her life. "I am a strong woman and I am
moving on with my life. God cannot give
you that which He will not provide you
the platform to stand and deal with. I
wish him the best in his life."Efforts to
reach Jim Iyke for his own side of the
story was abortive as his telephone lines
were all switched off. But we will strive
to get his own side of the story next